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  1. Hello to all of you!!

    I need you help please!
    I want to buy a present for a good friend of mine!

    I know that my friend is between two MCM products! So i would like your opinion in order to decide which one two choose!!

    The first ine is the MCM ipad case ,which she will use as a clutch!

    And the second one is the stark Visetos (large pouch) in Paradise Green!!

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  2. And the picture of the second one is this

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  3. I like the second one personally
  4. The green one is striking and would definitely give a pop of color to any outfit, so I would choose the green one.
  5. I like the 2nd one's detailing, but the 1st one's color, lol but the 2nd would still win because it looks so much more unique than a regular wristlet look the 1st has. I'm sure she will love which ever you pick for her because you are putting so much thought & love into it, so sweet :smile:
  6. thank you so much !! i had a tendency to choose the second one but now that i have your opinion too, i am sure!! thank you! :smile:
  7. Agree - the 2nd one is more unique and striking and I'm sure she will love it. You're a great friend!