Ladies- Help with suggestions please

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  1. I decided that I would like to organize my all of my LV's instead of having them all over the place found some I didn't even know I had.. (shame on me:graucho:) so I made room on a few shelves in the closet.
    My question is how do you store all your accessories?. Do you keep them in the boxes and if so do you write on the box in order to tell what's inside? I placed them on the shelves just in the dust bags and they were falling every which way. The end result was it looked messy so I took them out and placed them all back in their boxes now I have no idea what the heck is inside the box:nuts:
    This organizing stuff is a total pain in the arse.:sad:

    What's your secret? Thanks :flowers:
  2. i leave mine in the boxes. i dont have enough to not know each box. lol. but i bought a damier cles from someone (on ebay but she was a tpf member) and she had a sticker on the box that said "damier cles" that i think she made with one of those label guns. i think it's genius.
  3. the only accessories i have are the Wapity, Pochette Tulum and Pochette Cancun, which i just keep in their dustbags and they all go into one of the LV boxes i got from eLuxury, along with all my other small bags and clutches.

    as for my Inclusion jewelry, i have jewelry stands and cases for those :idea:
  4. I have all the boxes, but I don't store the accessories in them actually.
    I usually keep the wallet, cosmetic bag and cles inside the matching bag so it's ready to go the next time I pull that bag out.
    My scarves and key chains I do keep handy in a larger box all together.
    I think I'd need more space if I wanted to store each accessory in it's corresponding box, and I don't think it would be as accessible as my current system... but maybe this could be my excuse for being lazy....:shame: :shrugs: BF said he'd build me a purse cabinet one day and I know one or two girls have them.
  5. I keep accessories in a large basket - some in boxes...

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  7. if you have ALOT take polaroid pictures of your bags and put the picture on the box :supacool:
  8. I keep them in boxes/dustbags. I don´t have much accessories so I pretty much know what sized box contains what.
  9. I can't keep my accessories in their boxes because there just isn't room in my closet (due it being small, I only wish I had an overflowing walk-in)! I do have a small shelving unit in my closet that includes a small drawer where I store my cles and wallets.

    Maybe you should find a larger box and put all your accessories into there and then onto the shelf? That way you can compact everything together so they're not falling all over the place :yes: Or if you want to store them in their respective boxes, label the boxes with those little plastic colored post-its or tabs, whatever they're called :lol: That's what I recently did with the LV jewelry in my dresser.
  10. I keep all my bags and accessories in their dustbags, in their boxes, on shelves in my closet. I label each box with the item's name. Every item has it's own LV box including all my cles, shoes, etc.
  11. Addy had the best storage!!!

    I use my armoire, bags on shelves (what will
    Pouchettes, accesories and scarves it the drawers.

    I do not use the boxes or dustbags, I know naughty...but I just use them more if I can see what I've got and go.
  12. addy that is amazing! i am so jealous!
  13. Yup!:yes: I think there's a tPFer who does that and showed them in the here somewhere...
    It looked very organized and easy to identify what's inside.:smile:
  14. addictedtolove.. i love your closet!
  15. addictedtolv I LOVE IT TOO :yes:

    GREAT ORGANIZATION, I had seen your post elsewhere and you've given me so many ideas! :wlae:

    I have them all currently in their respective LV boxes. I recently pulled them out of the closet and left them stacked. My bf came over and he's like "whats this, did you go shopping, i think you went overboard"...LOL