ladies HELP!!! which one to keep?

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Which bag do i keep?

  1. Poppy Starlet

  2. Leather Garnet

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  1. I am having a hard time in deciding which bag to keep. One i like the style because it's sporty(poppy starlet)
    the other I like because it's a classic Coach bag(leather garnet).I am a very versatile dresser, business attire, causal and athletic wear. Please help me decide ladies.

  2. wow, for me thats a hard one!!!! but i really like the garnet better then the starlet, the starlet looks a little funny as a shoulder bag.
  3. the starlet no doubt! I have one and love it!
  4. Garnet is a classic and the color is very special. It seems like Poppy will continue to make pink bags in the future... Get the garnet and maybe you'll find another pink Poppy that makes you feel like there's is no other choice. Just my opinion. Pick what you love. Whichever makes you just want to smile!
  5. Hmmm... I'm not really a Garnet fan (sorry girls!) and I have the Starlet, so I'm kinda partial to her. I'd keep the Starlet. Both bags are pretty though, you should pick whichever one is most functional for you, good luck!
  6. To me the Garnet is a classic bag, whereas the Starlet is a fun bag. I would always choose classic over fun and I think Garnet is one of Coachs most perfect bag ever! I have one of each of these bags (Garnet in brown and Starlet in blueberry) and I really wouldnt want to get rid of either of them, lol, but if one had to go it would be the Starlet.
  7. I say, Keep Them Both. They are very different styles and you'll have a variety to choose from depending on what you are going to do or wear that day.
  8. Honestly I think you could do more with the garnet in the shade it is. The other starlet is a bit fushia looking. In this case the garnet would win for me. Ask yourself which bag would you still want to carry in two years from now? Poppy is a nice trendy bag but the garnet looks like a classic timeless style. I am contradicting myself a bit because I just got a poppy bag but honestly I doubt I will want to carry this in a few years from now.
  9. The Garnet, for sure! Its so classy and timeless! Love the color, too!

    Don't really care for that style of Poppy bag....doesn't do it for me. GL deciding!
  10. I vote for the Garnet. The Garnet is more timeless and practical. I love the turnlock closure on the Garnet as well as the nice organization inside of the Garnet with the zippered middle pocket. The Starlet is very cute, but I don't like how the top zips around. I imagine that would be a pain to get in and out of. Plus a lot of the Poppy pieces come off as being childish. Just my opinion though of course. Keep whatever makes you happy!
  11. Garnet all the way if I had t choose.
  12. Definitely the Garnet! Classic and timeless!
  13. im going to say garnet..but that starlit is super cute
  14. For classic bags, I prefer them to be in neutral colours. For fun bags, I will opt for bright & cheerful colours. So I will definitely keep the Poppy. :biggrin:
  15. I say garnet is more classic