Ladies - help please !!!

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  1. I have a massive problem.. I bought a Prada bag from an online company ( in the US and unfortunately it turned out to be fake.
    I returned the bag immediately, it's been 3 weeks now but the seller claims that they haven't received the bag back and refuse to refund my $600 to me :sad:
    Unfortunately I didn't use a traceable return method because I didn't want to waste any more money on that scam.
    The seller is a complete fraud, advertising its bags as 100% genuine and these are indeed disgusting fakes.
    I paid for it with Paypal and complained to them immediately but they say that there's nothing they can do, they only investigate if I have paid and haven't received the item at all. They are unable to protect me if my complaint is about the item itself.
    So now, I'm out of pocket $600 which is a big money for me. I know the seller is lying about not receiving the bag back, just as they are lying about the products on their website.
    I am so angry and don't know what to do...
    Dear ladies, perhaps you can give me some advice where I can go complaining and is there any chance to get my money back somehow?
    Thank you so much for your time.
    :cursing: Anchik:cursing:
  2. Was this an eBay store or a separate site? I think PayPal would only cover you if you bought it on eBay. You might want to contact your credit card company and do a chargeback. You could also lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
  3. I'd try my cc company. But they may be firm about proof of return. If they've had other complaints about this fake company, they may be more lenient.
  4. There's nothing PayFoe can do. Unless you paid using a cc and can dispute the charge, this one will go under the "expensive lessons" category in your "live experiences" file. The lesson: research and authenticate the item and website before buying the item, and never ever mail an expensive item without tracking and/or insurance.
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    This company is located in the US?

    ETA, yup freemont CA.

    I would call the BBB

    Let us know if you paid with PP balance or with a CC via Paypal. If you did a CC via PP you may be able to do a chargeback.

    Big mistake- you have to get signature confirmation. Skimping out on the $2.65 could mean you lost $600. Once you accept delivery of the bag it is yours as far as anyone is concerned, so if you send it anywhere if is your responsibility.
  6. Yes... file a complaint w/ the BBB in Freemont CA, and file a chargeback w/ your credit card co. You might also call the District Attorney's office in CA and see if they have other complaints and will help.
    Always return items with insurance AND signature confirmation.
  7. Ellie, your a BBag pro...are their bags likely all fake? I would threaten to notify authorities if they are running a counterfeit ring in the US!
  8. The OP first posted in the Prada forum and I suggested she post here to see if you ladies had some ideas. She said she paid with her paypal balance and not a credit card. I was afraid she was out of luck but was hoping for some ideas that I couldn't come up with.

    I'm afraid it's going to be a lesson learned for all of us at the OP's expense: Never pay out of your paypal balance. Transfer the balance and then use your credit card!
  9. :yes: Pretty Cheesy...
  10. My lovely ladies, thank you so much for all your help!
    I cannot be more angrier with myself for ever buying from such places.. The bag I bought looked so beautiful and I hadn't seen it on sale anywhere else, so I went for it. Stupid me :shame:

    Yes, I paid with Paypal balance which means not through the CC. Paypal does nothing, they only investigate if you don't receive the item you paid for.

    I wrote to the seller and threatened to go complaining everywhere possible, so we'll see if it works.

    I will let you know how it goes:faint:
  11. Try a search on the forum - you'll find a few disgruntled people - the site is def 100% selling fakes and they have various incarnations...
  12. OP I am so sorry this is happening.

    Do not ever skimp on delivery/signature confirmation when dealing with Paypal. Unfortunately you are not going to get the money back from PP and while some credit card companies only require proof of shipment, that just won't fly with PP. You can only use legal means and you aren't likely to get anywhere unless you took many pics that will prove it was inauthentic and you have proof of shipment you may get somewhere in small claims court. Did you have the bag authenticated?