ladies help like your opinions

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  1. So I'm thinking about finally buying my first Louis Vuitton purse. Idk what to get...any ideas? I want something for every day use. :biggrin:
  2. Handheld or shoulder carried?
  3. I like the handHeld
  4. i just got my 1st last friday preloved. i usually like satchels but its a shoulder bag its a monogram croissant gm. i havent carried it yet but plan to tomorrow. it is a great size!!! i think for you 1st a damier speedy 30 or a monogram tivoli. i love both and want both lol
  5. Thanks ill check em out ...I need to see pictures I don't recognize by name lol. I kinda want something multicolor ...any suggestions?
  6. I would rec. the speedy for sure. The Batignolle verticle is also nice. As well as the Tivoli PM which you can use as a shoulder bag unlike the speedy--Good luck and congrats!
  7. Which speedy exactly?
  8. multicolor speedy in black
  9. damier speedy 30!!!! lol
  10. love the damier ebony speedy 30!
  11. Mono Speedy 30 a great one to start with, if you can afford it, do get the Multicolore black speedy 30, heard they were discontinuing it, so might be a good choice, they are so pretty!
  12. I'd go with the Mono Speedy in at least the 30 size. 35 would be even better. Good luck!
  13. For your first handheld LV, definitely the Mono Speedy 30, it's a classic!!
  14. Ur right they are discontinued :shucks::shucks::shucks:
  15. How much are the mono speedy 30 ?...just curious