Ladies help... Opinion - Malena or Blue Mahala

  1. [​IMG]


    Which one would you choose?
    I think the Malena could possible come in the burgandy too..I'm not sure, but that would be in the running if it does.
    thank you for your time and thoughts!
  2. I love that blue mahala. The color is fantastic.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts :smile:
    I wish I could find a pic of the Malena in another color.
  4. I like the shape of the Malena, but I'm not crazy about that color combo above. Here it is from NM in cognac and black.

    Malena cognac.jpg Malena black.jpg
  5. Ask & you shall Receive:tup:
  6. ITA I am loving the structured shape but not the colour of the Melana.
  7. AWESOME!!
    Thank you so much!
    does anyone know if it comes in the burgandy?
    what one do you guys like?
  8. I prefer the Blue Mahala. I saw the Melena recently at Saks and for me at 5'2" it just seemed too big.
  9. I actually saw the brownish Malena the other day at NM. I didn't love it. I vote for the Mahala - that blue is so electric!
  10. I will try again with the actual photo:blush: Sorry, got a new computer and I am trying to overcome the learning curve:confused1:
    melena (3).jpg
  11. Robyn, how did that bag look in person?
    Was it real big?
    Thank you
  12. I can't tell you yet, because it was a photo my SA sent to me last month. BUT I will be going to Chicago on Friday (w/Blondecat:yahoo:) and we can check it out for you and let you know. I will say the color is to DIR for, as my Mahala is that color and it is much more Striking IRL. I posted the liquid patent mahala in the JC members bag thread and honestly it is the best color I have ever seen in a bag:yes:
  13. :nuts::love::nuts:

    I'm not familar with the "liquid patent", but I'm on my way to find it.
    Thank you
  14. :shame::blush::shame: oh ..I know exactly what material that is now. I totally lusted after it and must have got caught up in the moment and didn't realized that's what it was called.

    let me know your thoughts after you see it.
    You guys will have so much fun!
  15. I like the shape of the Malena, but I don't like that color combination.