me welcome Leigh to the family

  1. Meet my newest baby...Ms. Leigh in Chocolate Signature.

    She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and the best thing is that she was an eBay purchase, along with the matching wristlet, horseshoe keyring and scarf...all for only $589!!!!!

    I was doubtful about the short strap, but she fits nicely under my arm and hold SOOO much!


    Matching cute!

    Love the keyring!

    My FIRST Coach Scarf!

    And on me...
  2. omg i love everything!!! it looks soo good on you!
  3. Wow! What an amazing deal. Were all the items bundled together? That's so awesome! The horse shoe key fob is hard to find, isn't it?

    Congrats..that bag is really gorgeous in signature!
  4. Yep...the seller sold all the items together as an "ensemble"...I've never really seen the horseshoe keyring before, but I LOVE it!

    Thanks ladies!
  5. Congrats! I was watching that auction and forgot about it when it ended. Looks like it went to a good home. :smile:
  6. Congrats on that purchase! I saw that ensemble listed and were it not for the fact that I already ordered (actually reordered) a Legacy choco signature shoulder bag, i would have considered that. It is beautiful!!! Enjoy it.
  7. soooo beautiful.. congrats:woohoo:
  8. What a steal! The Leigh is TDF! I love the way it looks on you:tup:
  9. this thing is growing more and more on me lol
  10. Fabulously Fabulous!
  11. Wow, she's beautiful!!! Congrats!!!!!!
  12. Wowsers! Absolutely gorgeous.
  13. That is one HOT bag! and Awesome color!! Love iT!! Congratss!!
  14. Lovely! Congrats!
  15. yummy!!