Ladies, help me spend my money on a new bag

  1. I am new here (thanks to all for the warm welcome) so have a couple questions. I don't have access to a store so need to rely on calling around. How is ordering online? I know there is a list of reputable sites but is still makes me nervous. Also, the prices on some are really jacked up. Can you please share your experiences as I really want another bag.

  2. Hi again Dawg:

    There really are some very reliable sellers online that many of us use and with whom we've had very good experiences. I'm sure you've seen the thread here that names many of these. I've used a few of these folks and have been very happy. If you'd like to PM me, I'd be happy to tell you the ones that I've used. And no, I'm not affiliated with any of them.

    I've also had very good experiences buying from BalNY. They have several lovely SAs there who will go the extra mile for you. Shipping is free over...$500.00, I believe? (No returns, though, only store credit, so make sure you request photos of your exact bag prior to ordering..) Aloha Rag (Hawaii) is another well regarded authorized retailer with which many many of us deal....always great, fast, friendly and reasonable. Bit of a pain having to fax orders, but keep everything very organized and good paper trail, etc. I've had two less than ideal experiences ordering from Neiman Marcus, but I believe others have had good experiences.

    It's really incredibly convenient as long as you're confident in the authenticity. IF you're in Canada, watch out for our lovely folks at Customs, though. It's become a bit of a blood sport getting stuff across the border without having to eat Meow Mix for a month.
  3. Thanks Maggien! I would love to PM you for the online sources you've used but it won't let