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  1. Ok so I'm really desperate right now. I found out that the Wall St. store has my grail bag, 30cm Gold Clemence Birkin. Only problem is I'm in LA and all the friends I have in NY are out of town!!!! Is there anyone in NY that can help me out and get the bag for me???? I know this is asking A LOT, but I don't know when I'll have this opportunity again...... if anyone can help, please PM me. THanks.

    By the way, I already called the store, and they wouldn't even acknowledge that they have it. They said it's against Hermes policy to discuss the Birkin because there is such high demand for it. Never heard that before....:crybaby::wtf:
  2. Ladies, I know this is A LOT to ask of someone who I don't know who also doesn't know me. But after all this is the Holidays and good things can happen. Anyway, if there is anyone who's even thinking about it PM me and maybe we can put our heads together and make it happen!
  3. Sorry...:sad:I am as far from NY or the US for this matter as from the moon. I'm having your kind of problems always. Head up! Merry Christmas dear:flowers:!
  4. Thanks Aminamina. Merry Chirstmas to you too!!
  5. Sorry am in the UK

    Am surprised they will not keep it for you, can you pay for it on credit card? and ask them to post it to you??
  6. I'm already out of town for the holidays. I hope someone can get it for you. If not, it will show up again someday. Dont worry. Hugs to you.
  7. Yikes! Would have been happy to but just left town this morning... I'm sure you'll have another opportunity soon! Don't fret!
  8. Ladies, thank you for all your kind words of encouragement. I tried calling the store and they wouldn't even acknowledge that they have it. Said it's against Hermes policy to discuss Birkin's over the phone due to the high demand for them. ANYONE ELSE IN NY????????????
  9. Sorry I'm in LA too. Is there any way you can offer to buy and then say that you will do the red eye out and get the bag after Christmas? you know, melt their hearts so they let you buy the bag and then try to work things out so a friend can pick up the bag later?
  10. Don't ask if they have the bag. Discuss the bag you know they have. I am calling about the 30cm gold clem... I am trying to arrange a flight right now... etc. Make sure you talk to a different SA.
  11. I tried but they wouldn't even ACKNOWLEDGE that they have it. The woman was such a B***CH.
  12. When I called I said I'm calling from LA about the gold Clemence .... blah blah and before I could finish my sentence, the woman cut me off.....
  13. I hate it when you get someone rotten. OK how about calling and starting with how you heard about the gold Clemence, and say I am willing to arrange a flight from LA, if I could purchase it today?
  14. ok, i'll try that..... hold on.
  15. If I was sure the bag would be still there when I arrive I would've flown to NY (if it makes sense of course, money-wise)...Well, too many IFs I suppose...But it would be nice to...(fill in your word) to that Sh**SA
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