Ladies HELP me please!!

  1. I have to cook a sampler tonight for Cinco de Mayo for a progressive dinner. RECIPES Please!!!!! HELP
  2. Nothing!!! omg I'm gonna die here! I think I'll just make margaritas:p
  3. Add some chips and salsa.

    How about tacos? Enchiladas?
  4. i make enchiladas just bake a chicken whole shred and put in tortilla and pour a can of enchilada sauce over and sprinkle with mexican cheese and call it a day or you can go to a website called they sell mexican food items and have recipies
  5. You're making a cinco de mayo march?
  6. Do quesadillas with different fillings.
    cheese and chicken
    beef and cheese
    Serve with salsa, sour cream and quacamole and your done.
    You just fill them then bake them on a tray or grill them on a BBQ.
  7. I am curious about this, too!

    Enchiladas are great, but a little messy. Quesadillas with your favorite fillings would be good. There's always tacos -- you could have a build your own taco station. You could do fish tacos to be different.
  8. We had a sampler meal for the progressive dinner our communitty throws in May. We were trying different recipes to see which is easiest for the host to prepare. I finally ended up making cilantro chicken. Turned out pretty good actually:yes: