Ladies Help me: please suggest a new summer cc?


Jul 9, 2006
I am in desparate need of a new cc summer bag... i am just so undecided, all of your suggestions would be sooo very helpful....

not sure if i want a white, a brown, or a combination in between... need something soon (havent bought a bag in 2:roflmfao: months!!!) cant wait to hear your suggestions; if possible please post a pic as well...


aka Minal :)
Dec 7, 2006
The city that never sleeps!
Hi. :smile: If you posted this in the regular Chanel and not Shopping forum, you might have received more replies. :smile: I just saw this post myself... hmmm... well, do you want a flap, a tote, a casual bag, a dressier bag, etc.? The Khaki Cabas is a great bronze, casual summer bag that is being re-released for the fall season... you can check out pictures in the reference library, and here is one of mine with my bronze CC tote on the left:

The ivory (not white, more creamy) jumbo with the new chain is really pretty, and would look great in the summer, and also work in the fall with darkers colors IMO. Browse the Reference Library and check out some styles that appeal to you, then hit up NM, Saks, or a boutique. Good luck! :tup:


Apr 16, 2007
I'm not sure what the model this bag is, but maybe if
I explained it to you. Okay it's a white Chanel classic flap with CC's everywhere. I believe it's in the $4,700 range .... I saw the smaller one in the Soho boutique! SOOOO PRETTY!