Ladies help me .. please name this bag

  1. Hi ladies .. I just love the style of this bag but have never seen it before.

    Do you know this bag and what it's called? Do you think it's a real Mulberry?

    Mulberry.jpg Mulberry 2.jpg Mulberry 3.jpg Mulberry 4.jpg
  2. Babington I think.
    Not really seen many around, but it is gorgeous!!
  3. And it is definitely a Mulberry bag. :yes:
    Maybe 2006??
  4. No I think it was spring 2007.
  5. sorry .. what I meant by 'is it a real Mulberry' .. do you think it could be fake?

  6. It is definitely a Babington and it was from their main line.
  7. You can post in the authenticate thread.
    It does look like Mulberry leather to me, but what do I know?? :shrugs:
  8. Wow .. you girls rock .. so many quick replies. I had no idea what bag this was, but love it.

    I can't find other pics of the Babington on the internet anywhere .. just wanted to know what other colours there were.

    But the next question is .. is $ 550,- a good deal if this bag is authentic?

    Thanks again!
  9. I have seen it in black as well. I expect it came in chocolate, oak and black as most natural leather bags do.
    I would say it is a great deal. It was a £595 bag I am sure, which means it was a US $1200. $550 is £275 (approx) and I think that smells like a BARGAIN!!!

    Congrats...she is very nice!
  10. Definately a Babington,I had one in black.Looks very good in oak!! Congratulations!!! And yep,was £595 UK sterling so you have snapped up a brilliant bargain! Well done!(I think I put a pic of my black one on the photo ref thread if you want to take a peek,lovely in choc too!!!!)
  11. I found your pic Chaz .. looks lovely!!! Why do you say 'you had one'. Why did you part with it?

    I love the bag .. not sure about the colour though .. do you think it would be more nice in chocolate or is oak a good colour for this bag?
  12. PS I haven't bought it yet .. I'm considering to buy it but I need your opinions.
  13. I swapped it for a black Annie,I have loved the Annie for so long,but initially shied away from it as the pockets on the front really remined me of the Roxy and Blenheim I've got,so I wanted something very different,got the Babington,saw the Annie,fell in love all over again and did a swap.If I had more funds at the time I would have kept it for sure!!! But I think oak is such a lovely versatile color.My oak Elgin looks brilliant if I wear all black,really nice contrast,and it just goes with so much stuff!!!!

    I've seen it in choc,tbh,all the colors are lovely,its probably a case of personal preference on this one.But the oak coloring looks so good with the brass hardware!!
  14. babington is gorgeous. First time I've seen one in oak and it looks gorgeous!!!
  15. Love that bag!!! Buy it!!