ladies, help me out a bit w/this bag (page rivets)

  1. hi ladies. my heart wants this bag so much. it is calling my name loudly, but the price is making me stop and i don't know much about Coach and their prices, since my few Coach pieces just come via Macy's. is this the sort of bag that will eventually go on sale/discount or end up in Macy's or an outlet? and how long before that might happen? or, is this considered a limited piece that Coach only sells on its own site? I am basically willing to wait a bit to see if this style will go on discount but perhaps that won't happen? can anyone give me some insight please? i have purchased through before and I saw this one pop up in my email and loved it. thanks in advance.
    picture from purseblog Coach-Western-Rivets-Page-Crossbody-Bag.jpg
  2. I don't think it is part of the 1941 collection, so I am guessing it will be included in the next PCE which should be coming up in March/April?!? I can confirm with my SA if you would like.
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  3. that would be awesome, thank you. i do plan to buy it, but obviously want to get it for the best price.
  4. Okay, yes this bag should be included in the next event. She doesn't know the exact dates or the percentage discounts yet. So, I would wait it out. And maybe it will show up at Macy's since it is not 1941.
  5. thank you so much for asking, i appreciate it and will be patient a bit...
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