me ID these please

  1. they look so yummy...they look somewhat familiar like the shoes SJP has been wearing during filming satc movie but i don't think they are the same...any ideas?
  2. anyone?
  3. The SATC Sarah Jessica ones are Chanel. I cannot tell what these are....
  4. The ones SJP wears on the set are Dior. They scream Galliano, no?


    Solid, not sure if that helps you, since I don't know the designer of those shoes up there. However, I do vaguely remember that the shoe style was done not too long ago by Givenchy, the season after the whole gladiator bit. Not sure if that helps you either, but maybe it's the right direction.
  5. ^^^ going to look into that
  6. for sure the SATC shoes are from Dior spring/summer 2007 the style is VEA79940 N0.Another close up picture. SolidGold2 they arent the same as the ones in your picture in my opinion.

    (Source of information\picture from shoebunny)
  7. Ohlala! I like those!