Ladies help me , I need a wallet!!!

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  1. I want a long wallet to hold about 12 cards. I love the LV eugenie wallet, it holds so much, has id window ect.. can some one tell me what is a good chanel wallet? pics if at all possible. Im dying for a chanel wallet:nuts:. I love the dark silver ressiuse wallet, probally sold out now , ahhhhhhhh suggestions please!!!!:smile:
  2. The only Chanel wallet that gets my attention, are the Camellia wallets. The designs are beautiful and its something DIFFERENT.
  3. I need pics!!!!! Do they have them at Saks?
  4. Yes they sure do, they have different sizes. I know theres a medium that is $545 and theres a short one that has a coin holder on the other side and its snap which is $615, and theres a long version of it so put your bills unfolded which is $650

    The picture im attaching is the short snap one which is $615, im planning on getting it soon.
    wallet.jpg inside_wallet.jpg
  5. beautiful!!! I hope the long one has a double flap like that as well. Im buying it for egc if it does!!!
  6. The camellia wallet comes in black, salmon pink, grey, and blue (more like blue-grey). :yes: Very gorgeous, although it is lambskin so it is delicate. They are coming out with a new line of camellia wallets in spring, so perhaps you might want to consider waiting. :yes:
  7. The long one does not have a flap, it is simply a foldover wallet. No closure. The medium length one is about 3/4 the length of the long version and does have a snap closure. :yes: There are pics in the accessories thread of the reference library.
  8. Hi Missisa, so tell me do you know what will be the diff with the ones for spring?? i want to know before i end up getting one of these.
  9. it's nice~~

    maybe I should plan my first wallet purchase too
  10. I have no idea. I just heard someone else say they called the 1-800 Chanel # and the lady told them there would be new ones coming out. :yes:
  11. ^^ Yep, I spoke with a Chanel rep about a month ago and she said that she saw new product numbers and that they would be appearing in Jan. She did not have pictures though. They will be about the same price as the current models.
  12. i think i remember you are in NJ, right? :shrugs:they had a dark silver reissue wallet at the chanel boutique at shm two weeks ago. you may want to call them.:yes:
    they also had these new wallets, larger, came in black and an orangy red. they were, i think, kangaroo leather treated so they had this sheen ( almost metallic) and soffness to them.....stunning.:love: they would hold many ccs.;) they were about $800 usd, iirc.
  13. ^It's llama skin.
  14. oh, thanks roey!:flowers: heehee....where'd i get kangaroo from? :shame:
    pretty though, right?:yes:
  15. It's beautiful but I draw the line at Llama!:crybaby: