Ladies....Help me Decide....

  1. Hi ladies (and gents). I will be making another trip to LV in about 3 weeks or so. I am going to get a shoulder bag of some sort. Here are the bags I am thinking about...

    1. Monogram Petit Bucket
    2. Monogram Poppincourt Haut
    3. Monogram MM Looping

    Can you please give me your opinions on these? Do you have any of them? If you do, do you like or dislike, or any problems? Thanks ladies!!!
  2. I would go for the Popincourt Haut. I like it a lot.
  3. ^^Thanks lv-lover! How about the straps? Do they slip or drive you crazy or anything like that?
  4. Popincourt Haut :biggrin:! it's the only one i like out of the list, and it's such a great bag :yes:. the balls on the zipper are cute too :P
  5. From 3 choices above, I will go with has cute shape.I find two dangling LV balls are adorable..

    Bucket: cute , love the cosmetic bag come with it but no zipper

    Looping..: 2 rolled handles can get unconfortable if you carry the for a while..
  6. I love how PH looks on Sandra..
  7. I wouldn't know, I don't have one. I just like it. I wish I had one.
  8. i choose bucket. its more comfortable to me. when i tried on the popincourt haut the little bells drove me nuts. i use my moms bucket a lot and its very functional (but it does not have a zip closure)!
  9. That's a hard one, but I would have to agree and go with the Popincourt haut.
  10. Popincourt haut, it's very comfortable and I don't have an issue with the straps. Plus the balls, they're soo cute ! :yes:
  11. Popincourt haut!
  12. I would have to choose the popincourt-I really like the shape and I think it would look great on you!:yes: I used to have the petite bucket and it is a great bag but I didn't like the fact that there was no zipper closure. After a while the openess of it bugged me and I sold it. I also used to own the mini looping and I didn't really like the big rolled handle-it wasn't that comfortable on my shoulder. I think the MM has the same handle. So that's my 2 cents!!:flowers:
  13. tr444 - :yahoo: 0o0o0 yippeee!!! I was wondering when you were going to buy something!!! hehehehe!!! FUN FUN FUN :yahoo:
    Well, out of the list you've listed... I think I'd go for the PH - i dont have one but it looks like a really good shoulder bag with a zip etc... :smile:

  14. Uh oh?? Bells??? Does it make noise? I really like the bucket too, how do you find it without a zipper closure? Any problems?
  15. Wow!!! You ladies really the the PH!! Well, I'm definatley going to try them on to see which is more comfortable. I really like the bucket, but not sure if I can do that open-top. The PH is really cute too!!! Uhhhhgggggg!!!!!