Ladies help me decide...

  1. Hi, kind of a newbie here first time posting a thread of my own.

    I need some advice from you ladies. Okay so I have a small black signature hobo that my DH bought me Valentines 2006. It has the handle with the suede inset on the strap. It started to look strange about 9 months after I got it and I noticed that the suede was coming up from underneath the leather. Every SA I showed it to said they had never seen that before and they offered me a direct brand new replacement but I don't like the braided straps on the new small hobo's. So I finally sent it in last month to get repaired (I have a 9 month old and just got married so it was way down on the list) I just got a letter from Coach saying that the suede coming out is normal wear and tear and they are offering me credit for $190 for it. I love that purse, I don't want to get rid of it, but I don't want a busted up Coach that I won't want to carry either. DH is mad also, because when he got it, with tax I think he paid like $260 or something (so he says) and he thinks it's bogus I am not getting new pricing and I tried to explain market value and all that but he feels slighted and now probably won't buy me another Coach purse. What do I do?

    This was my smaller weekend purse, I have a large black leather Soho satchel for everyday, my mom purse as I call it. I am just so indecisive. I really was hoping to get the small black one back. And then also had my eye on a medium Carly, except I wanted Jade and they don't make it in Jade. But the new scarf print look good, I love the color green and want a green/summer purse.

    What would you do?
  2. Ask your DH to find the receipt? or look through charge card statements so you know what was spent. Call coach and ask for that amount in credit. Or -- what's the price of the one they offered to replace it with? Ask for that amount.
    Or you could try calling and see if they'll fix it as an exception?
  3. Thanks for the help finzup... I called Coach today and I have three options.

    1. I can get supossedly the same bag brand new, she said they have that style (6266) in stock. And if by chance it isn't exactly the same then I can send it back. (does this sound right to have a bag from Feb 2006 still available to buy?)

    2. I can take the $190 credit and buy whatever I want and they will toss/destroy/whatever they do with the bags that are not returned after being unabe to repair.

    3. I can get my original bag back, un-repaired and with a coupon for 40% off a future purchase.

    Decisions decision!!! I want my bag, and would lveo to have it new but what if it really isn't the same and in the ship and return time they toss my old one??? Then again I did find a way to tuck back under the little bit of suede that was coming up and I could still use the bag on weekends and no one would notice and get 40% off a new bag.. I am so torn.
  4. I'd opt for the same bag brand new. JAX often has older merchandise still in stock-- that's how I got my Crimson signature stripe tote from last year. Often we consolidate popular items back to JAX to do something with later.

    That's just what I'd do! :yes:
  5. Thanks!! I thought so, I just knwo when the SA in store offered me a new one exactly the same it had the braided handle not the one with the suede. But if I get a new one, what if the suede once again comes loose from under the leather on the handle in 9-12 months like it did with this one, eventually this will get old sending it in for repair, etc... Wonder if that is why they changed the design, did they know the suede wears quicker?

    That's why I am torn between option 1 or option 3. There are so many other bags I would love and that 40% would help, but I really don't want a broken bag. Will talk it over with the DH tonight, since he did buy me the bag as a V-Day present last year. I would like to have it either new or back the way I sent it, sentimental reasons!
  6. Personally I would either get the same new bag, or if the damage isn't that bad, maybe get yours back and get the coupon.. but I am a sucker for a sale!!! :p The main thing I would be careful of is how bad the damage is because you don't want a broken or falling apart purse, and as far as the 40% off, you can get that or better at coach outlets. Good Luck!! :smile:
  7. I say keep it and get the 40 percent off. That way you can have a bag that you won't have to "baby" and you can get something else that is really cool and for way less money !
  8. ^^ I agree. Maybe when you get your purse back you could take it to a shoe repair or leather/suede repair place and maybe they can make the repairs for you. You never know!
  9. I say keep your favorite and get the 40% off coupon! :biggrin: Then you still have your favorite and something new- its a win win situation! ^^
  10. very good idea, you can often get these things repaired at a good cobbler
  11. Is this your bag?


    If it were me I would get the new one. Sarah is right, JAX does have stock of some older bags.

    By the way, I have this same bag in the khaki/mahogany version. It was priced at or a bit under than $200, I only remember that because I had never purchased a purse so expensive before. It was my first Coach.
  12. I just pulled the catalog from when I got that purse and #6266 is listed as $178, the larger size #6279 is $298.

    Hope this helps!
  13. hmm wonder why DH said he paid over $250 for it, maybe he is thinking of something else he bought me LOL

    Yes that's the bag but in all black no grey. It has the suede strips inseted into the handle. I am just scared that it will happen again, with the suede coming out from underneath the leather. Then what do I do? Send it in again? Any one else having the same issue with this bag?

    I am so torn, gonna have to think overnight on this one and hopefully decide in the next day or two! On the plus side it won't be my everyday bag anymore (too small) but I do want it for weekends going out when I don't want to carry my current big black leather Soho around LOL