Ladies!!!! Help me decide to keep or not to keep.

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  1. I just got a package today from Saks. Here it is... my Theory boots I ordered last week. What do you think? Should I keep or return them? Please ignore my thunder thighs. LOL. ;)
  2. i say they're definitely a keeper....super cute and practical for the up-coming weather :yes: plus i have a pai rjust like them that i absolutely LOVE :love:

    and as for your thunder thighs.......HUH?!? :confused1::confused1:......your legs are gorgeous :P
  3. Those boots are great!

    Seriously definitely do not have thunder thighs!
  4. Thunder have a lovely shape!!

    I actually think you could pull off sexier boots with that hot shape!
  5. What thunder thighs?! I like the boots, and I'd say keep them.
  6. I REALLY like your boots. I would definitely keep them.

    On the other hand, how am I supposed to focus on the boots with those simply gimongous thighs in the picture? (In case its not clear, that was obvious sarcasm.) Seriously, you only have thunder thighs if thunder thighs means really, really not big AT ALL!!!
  7. I like your boots a lot. I'd keep them.
  8. The boots look great on you! Keep them!
  9. gorgeous. They look like the perfect pair of stylish, but useable boots.

    I think they are keepers. (and like everybody else I think you look fantastic in them ;))
  10. the boots are really nice and you pull them off really well!! They are great everyday boots!! I say keep them unless u want something sexier!!
  11. you have stick thighs! keep the boots, gorgeous
  12. Those boots are rockin! Keep em.
  13. I think the boots are lovely and your thighs are fine.
  14. Fabulous! I'd keep them!
  15. I say Keep! def no thunder thighs on you silly!