Ladies! Help me choose

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  1. Ladies, I want to buy myself a pair of CL for my birthday and cannot decide between No Prive 120 in cherry or red Pigalle spike 100. Because I'm wearing size 34 so I have to buy in NAP and cannot try it. Please help me choose!!! Thank you very much
    No prive 120.jpg Pigalle spike 100.jpg
  2. its up to you on price range, sling vs no sling, etc. I personally don't wear slings often and prefer pumps. Are you buying these for a particular occassion or particular outfit in mind?
  3. Well, Happy Birthday to you! My vote is for the spikes.. A little more of a special occasion ... Just like your b-day!:biggrin:
  4. Pigalle!! I would go for that! Wanted to buy them too from NAP but unfortunately in this period I can't afford them! I have lots and lots and lots of things more important (NOT FOR ME:cursing:) to pay for.. :pout:
  5. I vote for red Pigalle Spike.
  6. I love pink so I'd choose the Cherry No Prive. Do you think you'd get more wear from the pink or red? I.e. what goes with more in your wardrobe?
  7. red pigalle spike.. more versatile imo
  8. Hmm, I love the red Pigalle spikes but am concerned about the longevity of the red spikes since I've read that the paint can chip off over time.. For that reason I'd probably go for the berry/pivoine NPs. Happy birthday btw! :smile:
  9. Another vote for Pigalle Spike! They look amazing! Happy Birthday!
  10. ohh the red spikes!! they look so juicy!!
  11. Don't like slings so Pigalle it is! They are TDF! Happy Birthday! Cheers!
  12. I want to add some colors to my collection since I don't have any red yet. I'm very petite so Pigalle will suites for jeans or pants and No prive for wearing skirt. I have a hard choice now :thinking:
  13. Thank you!!! The red Pigalle is really nice color. I wish I could get both :biggrin:
  14. I love that shade of pink of the No Prive. And I personally think they're more classic as spikes to me are not too classic. Which one do you think you would wear more often?
  15. I hope you will get them soon :smile:) They're so beautiful!

    Thank you!!