Ladies, Help Me Choose Pleassee!!!

  1. I am so undecided about what bag I would like to get as my first B bag; I really like the city and twiggy, but I carry alot a stuff with me, which has me considering the work. AGHH :crybaby: help me, I don't know what to do? BOO HOO
  2. ^^Why not get the city bag? It's bigger than the first and smaller than the work.
  3. I am in new orleans, so there isn't a store for me to try the bag on, but my bf has a city and it was too small imo. i keep hearing about a part time??
  4. I've never tried the Work on, but it's got a great following here from gals who carry a lot of stuff. I believe the handles are longer so you can carry it comfortably on your shoulder. How would you prefer to wear your bag--with the handles on your shoulder or with the shoulder strap? When you use the Strap, the shape of the bag gets more slouchy. I kinda like it, but some prefer to use the handles. I'd check out the visual aids thread to give you an idea of what the different styles would look like on you.:yes:
  5. WOW! Does it come with the strap or you have to purchase it? Either way to carry it is fine by me.
  6. the work doesnt come with a strap, but the part-time does. the part-time is half the size of the work (hehe). I think the work straps will fit over your shoulder, the straps are the same as the city straps, so maybe try your friend's on to get an idea? the straps also stretch a little over time making them slip over your shoulder...