Ladies help! LV Eden MM Monogram or Non-LV bag

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  1. I am torn between two beautiful bags and been thinking for few days now what to get. I need you Opinion ladies to make my decision. I do love Louis vuitton Eden Bordeaux MM in Monogram and Chanel Jumbo in red caviar and silver hardware. My collection consist of Chanel Maxi Black Lambskin in GHW, Chanel Maxi Burgundy Caviar in GHW, Chanel GST Black Caviar in GHW, LV Retiro MM, LV Keepall 50 Monogram, LV Eva dammer ebene and LV Galliera pm Monogram. I thought since my LV bags are all big, I thought to get a smaller bag and was browsing though the site and I truly fell in love with new Eden but was also looking at some website and also fell in love with the rich red color of chanel caviar in jumbo. I am confused please help me girls.. thanks images.jpeg

  2. I really love the shape, hardware and colours of the eden but I'm not quite sure about the monogram. Would be perfect if it was all leather, which I think exists, although I might be confusing it with another bag.
  3. I can't believe i am saying this - but I think I would get the Chanel...
  4. although i love lv and you have quite a few chanels... i'll vote for chanel here
  5. Chanel! The red Chanel is my favorite :loveeyes::loveeyes:
  6. Eden
  7. Definitely the Chanel. Flap prices continue to increase. The eden is cute, but it looks like any other small LV mono bag.
  8. Chanel
  9. Another vote for Chanel:smile:
  10. Chanel
  11. I am not a fan of Chanel, but if i have to choose between these two, i would choose Chanel
  12. I think you should get the eden in a color other than tan... I was on the website a few days ago clicking around, and i believe there was a burgandy kind of color? It was lovely
  13. I would go for Chanel (",)
  14. Chanel... The red is yummy
  15. i vote for Chanel