Ladies, help for the purse challenged?

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm so happy to have found this forum. I was searching google for bags and you guys just popped up!

    Here's my problem, I'm purse challenged. Yes, it's true, I love bags but I have a horrible time choosing styles, colors, etc.

    I really need a new one but I'm having such a hard time making a decision. Put me in a shoe store and I'll clean them out, but in the purse isle I'm just stuck like a deer in the headlights.

    I need help. I need to be pointed in the right, and hopefully stylish direction.

    I need something that will look good with jeans, but is able to be paired with something less casual too. I REALLY like the Coach bags, Carely and a few of the Hobos, but that's not really in the budget right now. (I must talk myself out of buying one daily...)

    Any suggestions? Maybe something with the Coach feel but that won't cost me $400? Or something else entirely, I'm open to ANY suggestions. I haven't a cue what style is "in" right now, so hit me with anything!

    Thanks in advance for helping this hopelessly purse challenged gal....
  2. I think a number of the Tanos would fit your requirements--stylish, not $400.

    In particular, check out the minilisa. (Do a search for Tano and minilisa here.)

    Start with The owner could give you some personal advice.

    You can also check out for Tano and more, as well as

    Also, if you specify what size you want, style of strap, leather vs. fabric, colors, etc. that would help.
  3. Hi, as ThisIsMyPurse has suggested, please give more info about your preference - slouchy or structured, hand-held or shoulder bag etc etc.

    MiMo $108.80


    Dutchy - Jet basket in wine $253


    Maxx New York $215


    Via Spiga $213


    Via Spiga Rachel $221

  4. Ellen Tracy hanna satchel - only black available $261


    Ombu $199.75


    Maxximum satchel tote $168.30


    Hype Macapa hobo - $213.95

    Some people like the buckle, some find it a turn-off.


    Hype Piccadilly large hobo $173

  5. Wow, you have great suggestions so far. Do you want a handbag or shoulder, hobo bag? What color? Soft leather, easy access to pockets, etc? Do you want to order online or go to a store ( Nordstrom Rack, Off Saks, NMarcus, etc.have great deals)? It all depends on lots of factors (where you live, what you want, etc.).
  6. ohmygosh! I love that Hype bag with the buckle. I promised myself that I was not going to come to this section because it's soo dangerous. There's something about that bag that grabs me. (but the "heavy before loading" comment was a turnoff.) Oh my! though...
  7. Thanks for all the responses. I'm mainly looking for a hobo or shoulder bag, probably fabric not leather.

    I don't like anything too big or over sized. I want people to see me before they see my purse. :P I think most of the bags suggested while pretty are a bit too big for me. I'm a short person and I'd get lost behind something too large.
  8. What kind of fabric do you like? Any preference for prints - ie polka dots, flowers etc?

    Tignanello $54.19


    This is a cute Tignanello leather bag, relatively small-sized, shoulder drop is 7" - might be a bit of a tight fit if you like shoulder bags:

    7.5" x 8.5" x 6.5"


    Liz Claiborne $74.80

  9. Ooooo some great choices there.
  10. Have you tried the Coach outlet?