Ladies help, dh gave me the green light

  1. I'm so excited. Dh gave me the green light. Just last week I have decided that I will stop buying Chanel and LV and instead get a fuchsia Kelly bag. Since I have been on a buying spree all year, been bad actually, I was hesitant to ask dh for a Kelly. But looking at all those pics of you ladies with your birkins and kellys made me want one so bad and it is all I have talked about for a week. DH is so good about it though, whenever I start rambling on and on about the kelly (i'm on pf reading about Hermes bags) , he pauses his show on tv, and listens to me, lol.

    So this weekend, I asked dh to go with me to SF Hermes. I wanted him to look at the bags with me. I didn't see anything in the fuchsia, but I was able to compare the 28cm and 32cm rigide for size. Dh was impressed with the quality and craftmanship of the bags and liked the Kelly rigide style very much. A very wonderful SA was helping me and she patiently explain to me the difference in the leathers and sizes since I am very new to Hermes. She even brought out the gold ostrich 32cm Kelly for me to admire for size in front of the mirror. My, that was lovely:love: We had a pleasant visit at the store and the wonderful SA took my number and said that she will call me when she gets some in.

    DH and I talked some more this weekend about the Kelly and the size. We both decided that the 28cm rigide Kelly is the best size for me. I'm only 5'0 and petite. I just can't believe how dh warmed up to the idea so fast. Love this man:love: . I thought I was going to have to give up Paris next year for a kelly, lol. We are planning on going to Paris next year to celebrate the big "5 - 0". Now I'm so excited that I get a Kelly and Paris too:yahoo: .

    So, I hope that you ladies can help me find my fuchsia Kelly. I hope it's okay to post this part. What I'm looking for is a 28cm rigide fuchsia chevre de coromandel Kelly (thanks to La Vanguardia for the info she gave me of her fuchsia Kelly). I know many of the ladies here go to Hermes and know the inventories. Many thanks in advance.
  2. How exciting! :yahoo:
  3. How wonderful! I'm on the look out for a 32cm Fuschia Kelly so I'll def. keep my eyes open for you! What a wonderful, thoughtful dh!!! Lucky!
  4. Your DH sounds like a sweetheart! How exciting!!!
  5. this will be the best birthday you've ever had!!!
  6. good luck, C!
  7. Wow that is great! Good luck - you're bound to have good luck hanging around here as the gals are great at finding the bag you want!
  8. Thanks, J. Yes, dh is sooo wonderful:love:. If I'm not spoiling me, he is, lol. Isn't the fuchsia just a lovely color? I fell in love with the fuchsia color when I saw it in Hawaii last July. It was the first time I ever went inside a Hermes boutique. Thank goodness it was empty in there, only a couple of shoppers. I saw the fuchsia ostrich 28cm Kelly. The SA was wonderful and showed me the bag. I fell in love:love: I couldn't believe how lovely it was. I hope you find your Kelly, too.
  9. What a great DH! Hope you get your kelly soon!
  10. You have such a wonderful DH!! Congrats on the greenlight!! I've seen fuchsia Kelly in chevre before. In fact, one of my ex-Kelly was a fuchsia chevre MYSORE sellier Kelly 28cm, but that was before I converted to exotics. Now i'm totally looking for a sellier fuchsia ostrich Kelly 28cm:love:
  11. Pelinaka thank you, dh is a sweetheart, a keeper.

    Crocetbella, thank you, I'm so excited. Now I just have to find the bag

    Pazt, thank you.
  12. Yay! I hope you find your fuchsia chevre Kelly soon! I've seen some fuchsia ostrich lately in other bags so maybe Hermès is making a fuchsia ostrich batch.
  13. Hi H, I would say so. I guess it's not too bad turning the big 5-0 after all, hehehe. Can't wait for Paris, though. I waited until the my kids got a little bit older. Was uncomfortable leaving them for 2-3 weeks with Europe being so far. So now with them being a little bit older, I don't feel so bad anymore. I can actually enjoy my self without worrying so much.

    Shoes, thank you. I know I can count on the gals in this forum to help me get my dream bag. You ladies rock:yahoo:

    Addicted, thank you. It's really nice that dh has been a sweetheart about this. It's nice to get something of this magnitude and be guilt free.
  14. Yay Chanel! Did you check out the Shopping subforum in the "inventory" thread? I have every confidence that the ladies here will be a big help!
  15. How exciting! I hope you find your bag soon, or maybe you will find it in Paris?!? Wouldn't that be a nice souvenir :tender:
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