ladies, have you seen this?

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  1. #1 Sep 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 14, 2010
    Hi, everyone. Just read this on the bagsnob site:

    no links to other blogs please
    "The Mulberry Spring 2011 presentation is not until 1:30pmEST time today but we got the exclusive image of their must have bag of the Spring 2011 season! No other press outlet in the world has photos or details of this bag (we were asked to sign a non-disclosure, security on bag designs are taken very seriously!) and we are so excited to share a bit of it with you before it's introduced to the world later today. The only detail I am allowed to reveal is that this made of a new and innovative leather as Creative Director Emma Hill tells us she will no longer be using python skin on Mulberry bags due to the unethical treatment of the animals. I am bubbling with excitement (can you tell?), the bag is trimmed in shimmering bronze leather with leather wrapped chains, you will not be disappointed!
    The actual name and full image with details/price of the bag will be revealed at 2pm today so stay tuned!
    We expect this bag to induce more hysteria than the Alexa bag did last season!!! "

  2. mmmm interesting :smile:
    more popular than the alexa! really!
  3. The leather looks interesting but i don't like the buckle at all! Maybe the whole bag will look better........... i wait with interest!
  4. Hmmmm. So far, so bad! Is it just me or does the buckle print on the gold metal look a bit tacky?! Hopefully I will change my mind and lov it once I see the whole bag! Xx
  5. Forty minutes until we find out, I guess!
  6. How exciting, looking forward to see the new season :yahoo:
  7. Hmmm, not loving that clasp - although it may do away with the problem of the buckle bit falling down. Lol. I shall reserve judgement.
  8. A python effect leather... how cheap it seems to use an excuse about "unethical treatment of animals" in order to explain why , instead of proper expensive and luxurious python skin they will charge the same for a mere mock effect... Why bother with the real python... just put the price of a mock one to the same level and pretend that you are "green"...
    One cute calf is so much more to be thought about than a big python(means an animal which is old and long-lived in a protective environment, to save the skin quality) ...
    Never mind, soon Mulberry will start claiming that all real leather is unethical, and will charge £695 for a faux leather ...
    I cannot help it, but I am not buying into all this! new styles, covering up for the less and less quality and investing more and more in creating the Emperor clothes effect...
  9. Hear hear korzinka!!!
  10. Completely agree
  11. Good point, korzinka! Let's hope the new plastic python has a pleather price tag to match. Somehow I think not........ Xx
  12. Does this mean that she will be removing the python bags that are for sale on the website??:wondering. Somehow I doubt it!!!
  13. Oh dearest Korzinka I think you've hit the nail on the head again. How can any company working with leather goods claim to be ethical. Unless the cows live in thatched cow sheds on the rich pastures of in my dreams land.
  14. Whatever, I only like the old-school Mulberries anyway. ;)
  15. lol love it korz!!