Ladies! Have to Share With You! Celine Defile Sandal with My BG GGH City!

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  1. Ladies, I have to share this with you all: I have been madly in love with this pair of Celine SS08 defile Micro Chip Mix sandal ever since I spotted it in the pics of the show. :nuts: Especially since I bought the BG City, I realized that the sandal will be a perfect match to my beloved first Bbag! Therefore I HAVE to get it!

    I went to the Celine boutique at Montaigne yesterday as I got informed that the sandals have arrived! I was late when I arrived but due to that I have called them before, they delayed closing (I arrived 5min after they were supposed to close) for me! Truly truly nice!!! :tup:

    There I saw the beauty and it's truly stunning! I tried it on and it looked just as perfect as I have imagined! :heart: Though it's a Bal forum, but I'd really love to share this beauty with you all esp. when it's matched with my beloved BG City!
    celine shoe6.jpg celine shoe1.jpg celine shoe2.jpg celine&BG.jpg Celine&BG1.JPG
  2. [​IMG]

    how super exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great combo!
  3. Those shoes are gorgeous! They compliment the bag perfectly!!! They were made for each other!LOL!
  4. Couldn't be more perfect!!!
  5. Congrats on your Celine!
    I love the color combi! HOT! :tup:
  6. I love your celine sandal, match your bg bbag perfectly~~
  7. Thank you all for the compliments: everyone here is so nice! :heart:

    Allegradiamore and Jira, thanks for the advice. I've already posted the pics under that thread!
  8. Those look great with your BG city! I love the different colored straps!
  9. Love 'em even more so now that I've seen the heel. They're gorgeous!:love:
  10. You are right, those shoes are outstanding and with your bg city very nice. I love how they "dared" to combine red and pink. Congrats and enjoy.
  11. Lanier, cracker and ronsdiva,thank you for all the kind remarks! These sandals are really my dream shoes ever since I first spot them last A/W in the SS08 fashion week.

    I indeed love the colorful straps esp. in their combination of the colors. ronsdiva, you're so right in using the word "dare" :yes: The color is truly "daring" but very chic and beautiful.

    Cracker, I love the heel as well! It actually highlights the colors of the straps and brings a sense of balance to the whole design.
  12. Simply stunning, what a gorgeous combination!! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Those shoes are fabulous, as are all things Celine. Beautiful.