Ladies have i done something wrong? =(

  1. Hi ladies,

    I just bought myself a Cloudy Bundle tote in black and i am not sure if i did the right thing. I was at Heathrow airport and i had 45min to decide :confused1: I was going to look for the square vintage ligne tote in black/white and they did not have it. My lovely SA at the airport then showed the CB tote to me. She promoted the bag for a good 40min! I thought it was cute and huggable so i ended up buying it.. Now after 25 hours of journey on the plane, i am starting to have second thoughts..

    What do you think ladies? Have i purchased the bag on impulse? I was looking for a Square Vintage ligne tote because i just got the Luxe bowler in black and now the CB tote looks kind of the same size as the Luxe bowler........AND the same color tooooo.. :shrugs:

    I am so confused. :crybaby: Any opinions ladies? You can feel free to scold me too.. i hate myself for impulse buying!!

    OH.. and when i arrived in melbourne to meet my parents, my mum stared at my Chanel paper bag.. i lied that i helped a friend purchase it.. im bad.
  2. I don't think teh CB tote resembles the Luxe Bowler at all.

    That said, if your heart was set on a the Vintage Tote and you are sold on teh CB, return it.
    Both are gorgeous bags!:heart:
  3. i think the CB tote is beautiful!!! It's so smooshy looking i love it!!! I think you should keep it!
  4. Having said that, I think you should follow your heart...
  5. I think it is pretty too but you have got to LOVE it...else, return it.
  6. I think it's lovely and smushy.....but follow your heart....any doubts, return it.
  7. My only reservation about CB is the drawstring. I know it is in now, but I look at my bags as investments for years from now and I could definitely see myself getting sick of the CB and wishing I hadn't purchased it. That bag is $2285 - cute and cuddly or not - that's a wad of dough.
  8. I have a friend who simply does not like drawstring. When she saw this bag, she really dislike it. She thinks it looks like a diaper bag. *LOL*
  9. I definitely do not think diaper bag and I do love the n/s tote. If I had the money to freely spend and not care I would buy it - it's very cute!
  10. oh see now the drawstring doesn't bother me, in fact, I don't really even notice it.
    I guess when I tried it on I didn't cinch it up since I probably wouldn't wear it that way, so to me, the drawstring is just a great extra detail.
  11. I have the black Cloudy Bundle N/S tote. It is a beautiful & chic bag and is my absolute favorite Chanel bag. I never knew it was even drawstring until I read it here on the PF. Mine came 'uncinched' and that is the way I like it (wider at the top) but I like the fact that if I ever wanted to I can cinch it. I don't think because it has a 'drawstring' that it will ever 'go out of style'. I had the Sq Vintage N/S tote and the Sq Vintage triangular shape bags, never took the tags off of them & ended up returning both (too puffy, too braided, just too much going on for me). When I got the CB, the tags came right off and I used it that day. Now all of that said, (1) do not let anyone (especially SA's) pressure you into bags.... I have many unused bags because of that (2) you need to go with the tote you love/want... so if you can, try to find a Sq Vintage and see which one you like best. Only keep the one you love.
  12. I'm actually having a tough time deciding between the Luxe Bowler and the CB Tote. I can only afford one and want both. You're so lucky you have both!!

    I don't think that they're the same back and can be carried different ways. If they share anything aside from the colour, it's the fact that both look like they will be classics. Just my two cents.
  13. The CB Tote is a gorgeous bag. I adore it in black. I think you made a fabulous purchase and I hope you enjoy it!
  14. You have to love love love your bag. After all, it is not cheap.
    If you have second thoughts, return it.
    It doesn't matter how many of us like or don't like it.