LADIES!!! Go to your local Belk!

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  1. I went in to my local Belk today and they had four (yes! 4!) tables if Michael Kors bags 40% off. I ended up with a Hamilton, another wallet, and a large grommet selma!
  2. how much was the large grommet selma ?
  3. I don't have a belk in NY
    Is it also online?
  4. I'm in the same boat :sad:
  5. $237

  6. Yeah and I just checked belk online and no 40 off.

  7. Check lord and Taylor around midnight. I did that Monday night and I got the black grommet selma for $214 the palm stud selma $199 grayson in brown & vanilla $164 and large n/s specchiao $199
  8. Well I am doomed. We don't have Belk :tdown:

    Why can't Macy's have 40% off?
  9. You should call the stores! Belk had a bunch online for 40% off that sold out...but some of the stores still have inventory. That's how I got my black specchio Hamilton with silver hardware.
  10. Thank you. I will be calling stores tomorrow :P wish me luck.
  11. Good luck!
  12. did have a bunch for 40% off, free shipping and if you don't have a belk, no tax. They have sold out of most now.
  13. Selmas?

  14. They had some Selma's left also. If you have a store nearby, I would go there. That's where I got mine this morning. Got there when they opened and took the last north/south tote. They also have a bunch with grommets
  15. The Selma with stud in Palm is on sale only 25% off how can you get this price? 199$ ?
    I saw this price at night but on tomorrow morning I go LT store and search on website the price was change,i dont know why