LADIES....Get to the Outlets!!....QUICK!

Aug 14, 2007
OMG. :nuts::nuts:I went to one of the outlets today and you would not believe the deals! They just received their new floor set yesterday and it is a holiday patchwork of mostly golds and chocolate browns(from the Winter 2006 collection in full price stores, I believe). Even though they just came out they are already 20% of the factory price! Large totes for $279 + 20% off, wristlets in gold, silver and black lurex for $44 + 20% off and mini skinnys for $29 + 20% off. Lurex evening bags (flaps and clutches) were $129 and $139 respectively with 20% off of that!They also had top handle pouches in the patchwork for $79 + 20% off and large wristlets for $69 + 20% off. They had gallery patent totes in black, burgundy, turquoise and chocolate brown as well as matching wristlets. Everything in the store was 20-30% off of the factory stuff. Tons of stuff in the clearance too. Some highlights were the Large Suede Ergo (patchwork of reds) from this winter for $239 + 30% off, the large Hamptons carryall from this winter in turquoise for $269 +20% off and the Ergos. Large hobos in black and camel for $259 + 20% off and large totes for $299 + 20% off. There were a a few Carlys in the clearance too but they were all suede... light blue (almost baby blue) and camel. They also had some small hobos in black signature with three stripes on the front, one in patent, one in sig and one in something else with a hook over the top. These were GORGEOUS and only $85...but alas, too small for me with two kids!:girlsigh: There were tons of other things too but I just can't even start to list them all. that the highlights reel is over, let me tell you about my HAUL!:wlae::wlae:
I did some major Christmas shopping from the clearance section. I got 2 Madison Lurex gold optic wristlets for $27.99, a black lurex mini skinny for $23.20, a Soho Studded wristlet in camel for $23.20 and a Madison lurex gold optic signature framed wristlet/clutch for $54!!!!! I could NOT believe it! The prices were unbelievable and there was SO much selection! Much more than any other time I have gone. My nieces are definitely going to be jumping for joy this Christmas...and I get to be the best aunty ever! WOO HOO! :yahoo::yahoo:

Seriously ladies...if you can get to the outlets this weekend...GO! I think everything will pretty much be wiped out with the Black Friday sales so get there while the selection is still amazing. It was DEFINITELY worth my trip out there today!:tup:


Aug 22, 2006
So glad you did so well today!!! Congrats!!! You're giving Coach for Christmas? You are the best aunty!!!


peněženka blázen
Apr 25, 2007
San Antonio
Wow! You got a bunch of great stuff!!!! You will be the favorite Aunt this year!!

Thanks for all the outlet details! I wish I could go!!


Nov 10, 2007
I second the request for all of you to get to the outlets. I just got back and saw the same things except my outlet was out of the black and silver lurex wristlets =( I did however get a red soho minisignature top handle for $59! Original outlet price was $119 and it is such a beautiful red!!!


Aug 4, 2007
OMG! Wish I lived near an outlet.. T_T

I'm pondering or not if I should goto one before thanksgiving break. d:


Nov 10, 2007
Honestly if you can make it before the thanksgiving break you should probably go before because I asked them if they will be getting new stuff and they said they are getting it in slowly but surely and I also asked if they would have big sales and they said they will probably have a 10% off your entire purchase or whatever.

Now thats just what they told me but if it is true I would rather beat the holiday rush and go while theres a better selection.

Plus ive been on the day after thanksgiving and its madness!