Ladies & Gents send me your H luck!

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  1. Happy Birthday. Hope you get your belt soon.
  2. Happy Birthday! Good Luck!
  3. :yahoo:Happy Birthday Mr. Naughty Manolo:yahoo:

    I'm sure your new H Belt will look absolutely fantastic on U...Enjoy it!!!

    Have Fun at the H Store.
  4. Happy Birthday :balloon: - sending you lots of positive H vibes!
    :tup: to GF!
  5. Crossing everything in the hopes your special H piece makes it to you on time, naughty - and I think if you've waited 3 years, it's bound to happen - major Congratulations on your RESERVE! on your new H Belt, and mostly

    Happiest Birthday and Party to you!!!
  6. :balloon:HAPPY BIRTHDAY NM!!!:balloon:

    Best Wishes For A Wonderful Day & Party....Lots Of H Luck!!!:heart:
  7. Happy birthday NM and good luck with your wonderful gift from GF. The kindness and generosity of pfers is truly awesome!
  8. Happy birthday! Heaps of H luck coming your way!
  9. Crossing fingers and toes, hope you get exactly what you want!

    Happy early Birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday and Good Luck!!
  11. Thank you all!!!! It means alot to me that you care! I haven't recieved a call yet.... 6 days left till partay!!!
  12. Ohhhh!

    I have my fingers AND toes crossed for you!!! I really hope you can wear the belt to your party! What a blast!

    You know, of all the many (many...!) Hermes things I have acquired, nothing beats gifting to someone their first Orange Box! It was my pleasure, J!!!!!
  13. Want to hear a really sad story. DH bought me the belt you are talking about and this past winter my daughter was playing in my closet and poof... The belt is nowhere to be found.

    I would buy a new one but i know it's there somewhere.
  14. Thanks again K. I would have probably been ok that the belt wasn't going to come in but now all my hopes up that Alaska with have one come in!!!

    Denial- OMG and you haven't searched the whole house through turning it upside down yet?!!! How old is daughter? is she smart enough to realize that if she broke it she must destroy the evidence? lol
  15. Thanks for your luck everyone!!!!!! it paid off!!!!!!!!!! :wlae:my SA wasn't able to get the exact belt i wanted so he did a little switch-a-roo and gave me a different belt with the H buckle. When i got home i noticed that it is different to the regular H belt though, both ends are tapered so after the H buckle the is the triangular bit its not a huge deal but its not perfect lol. oh well beggars can be choosers right?!! it all worked in the end so i am over the moon. C ya guys out the celebrate! :drinkup:
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