Ladies & Gents send me your H luck!

  1. Its a long story but whatever lol, I'll try and cut it down
    I was lusting over a H belt for a while and came to a decision top buy one as a gift to myself as my 18th b'day present as my 1st H leather piece (black box, gold togo, shiny plad.)

    The wonderful GF offered to pick me up one from the Madison Ave. store, during her H run the NY;). The overly generous GF was too sweet and gifted the belt to me :heart:. Unfortunately my SA wrote me the wrong size and GF picked up a size too large (there was waaay to much overhang it was uncomfortable) but my store didn't have the size i wanted in gold :crybaby:and the next shipment was scheduled for July.

    The problem is my b'day is next week (which i don't really care that its not before my b'day) but i wanted to wear the belt to my b'day party i.e. next weekend. So i visit the store yesterday (where i went gaga over a HAC) and my SA informs me that i may be in luck and next week the alaska store will get a new shipment of togo belts:yahoo:, hopefully the one i want will be in my size and can be shipped down ASAP. So fingers and toes ladies!!!!!!

    Sorry if i come across as *****y or selfish in this post but you ALL understand the agony of 3 years of looking but not not touching H!
  2. A very happy birthday!! I hope you get your belt soon. I did get a belt that was way too for me (it was the lydie and it was the last one left). Claude very skillfully shortened for me in two days.....
  3. Happy birthday NM. Wishing ou all the best for getting your first H leather so it can be worn on your birthday. Good Luck!
  4. happy b-day and I hope it all works out!
  5. Thank you all, I am ecstatic that I will eventually get the belt. I would just be icing on the cake if it comes in in time for my party
  6. Happy Birthday, hope it works out.
  7. Hapy Birthday! And good luck!
  8. Happy birthday! Enjoy your gift-to-come!
  9. Best of Luck & Happy Birthday!

    Nothing better than a little H !
  10. happy b-day and best wishes!:smile:
  11. Happy Birthday! What a wonderful and functional Birthday gift!!
  12. Best of luck and happy birthday
  13. Happy birthday, NM, I hope it happens for you!!! You dont sound *****y or selfish at all. Sweet GF!!!
  14. Happy B-day! And you're not being selfish! It's your B-day present and you want it to fit! It makes sense to me!

    What a great present (GF, you ROCK!) and I'm sending 'happy thoughts' your way--hope you get it in time!
  15. Good Luck and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!:yahoo::heart: