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    I've also brought a new accessory for my new baby... but they don't seem to match... where can I hang this charm on my Birkin??? I've tried the silver ring on both side of the bag but it just doesn't fit (either the ring is too thick or the openning bit on the charm is too small) What should I do?!?! :crybaby: Any suggestions?
    DSC00145a.JPG DSC00147a.JPG
  2. Beautiful, congrats!!! I love your dog!! Please post some modeling shots!
  3. OOohhhh!!! Gorgeous!!!! I love it!:drool:
  4. Aww, look at your puppy-wuppy! So cute!!!

    Congrats on your new BJ JPG! Such a classic Hermes colour. Just beautiful.
  5. congrats on your bj jpg. so hip and fresh for spring!
  6. Beautiful jpg! cute little pooch!

    About the bag charm: One end of the chain has a clip. On a regular birkin, the clip attaches to the turnkey. The ring on the other of the chain slips over one of the strap guides. I'm not sure if the chain is long enough to do this on a jpg. The idea is that it's not symmetrical.
  7. Its gorgeous, congratulations!! :yahoo:
  8. Yay! Another JPG convert. Congrats & wear it in good health.
  9. She's a beauty! And I think the charm would look smashing with your new bag!
  10. congrats! lovely bag charm too!
  11. Great bag! Congratulations! I think your dog is eyeing it for a carrier!
  12. Some modeling shots of me or my little hunz?

    Here's a pic of my hunz busy browsing on tPF... :sneaky:
  13. ^^ AWWWW!!!! That's so adorable.

  14. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i :heart::heart::heart: your doggie, soooo cute!

    and your new jpg birkin is gorgeous too! now some pics of you modelling it would be lovely ;)
  15. Beautiful bag and accessory!! Congratulations and enjoy! Your dog is adoorable!