Ladies (& Gents!!) Look, LOOK at my Amarante Brentwood!!

  1. She arrived from Elux today- sooo glad I got the Brentwood instead of the uncomfortable Houston. Isn't she just stunning!?!? :yes::heart::nuts::graucho:
  2. :wtf::drool:
  3. Congrats! :yahoo:
    OMG that's HAWT!! :drool: This Amarante colour is really really growing on me! At 'first' I thought it looked too much like black (in photos), the I left it... Then I decided I want an inclusion piece.. And now, after seeing all you ladies' lovely bags, I think I want a hand bag as well!! :nuts:! ahhhhhh~!!
  4. Congrats! She is indeed stunning!:nuts:
    Love the colour.:drool:
  5. WOW!!! i loooooovvveeee the brentwood! it's soooo much more comfy than the houston. what a great color on a fab style! congrats!
  6. the brentwood is def. a better choice. I had a houston and ended up selling it. congrats!! love the amarante..
  7. Its very beautiful! You should post an outdoors pic for the color. I haven't seen this color yet IRL and was wondering if it looks similar to cherry wood in person or is it lighter? I actually want to get the sm ring agenda in either this color or pomme.... Congrats!
  8. Congrats! It's gorgeous!
  9. oooh congrats! This color is amazing! Awesome bag.:tup:
  10. Wow that is an amazing bag! Congrats to you, be sure to enjoy her she is a beauty!
  11. ohoohohhh...Love it!!! The color is amazing!!! Congrats!!
  12. mmm the colour is TDF! congrats
  13. Congrats!
  14. TDF!!! :drool:
  15. that is SEXY!