Ladies/Gents... I need your help

  1. I've been reading this forum since I joined about a week ago hoping that I could get an idea what my next purchase would be. Here's my dilemna. I buy 1 or 2 bags a year (it depends on how much they cost). I work full time, happily married (luckily hubby understands my obsession to expensive handbags), and a mother of 3 wonderful girls. My girls keep my young. I'm 44 and 4'11 (I swear I keep shrinking every year LOL). I carry a lot of stuff (I don't know why). Maybe it's when they say "Mom/Hon can you please carry this for me"... Now that you know a little about myself here's some of my criteria:

    * I need a shoulder bag
    * It could be either mono or damier
    * Not really a big fun of open top

    So Ladies/Gents please help me decide. I promise to post the picture of my next purchase.
  2. Shoulder bag:
    Petit Noe or a Noe (have a drawstring closure and hold tons of stuff)

    Cabas Mezzo (large tote with zipper closure)

    Batignolles Horizontal (open top but with a clip closure - I wasn't a fan of open bags either, but the BH is great!!!)

    Carry bag:
    Speedy 30 has handles but buy a separate strap for it to use it as shoulder bag (available at store)
  3. Mono---Petit Noe, Cabas Piano/Mezzo, PH, LH

    Damier-- Saleya PM, Chelsea, wait for a Hampstead (open top though)
  4. I vote for Petit Noe in monogram. They fit an amazing amount of stuff and they are VERY comfortable on the shoulder. I am a mom to 5 kids under age 7 and this bag is great for me. I also have the mezzo and used to be against anything without a zip top, but the Noe convinced me otherwise. It is a great bag.
  5. Thanks peace43. I have speedy 30 in mono and I never thought of asking if I could put a strap. My girls thinks that the NOEs are too young looking for me. I really like the cabas mezzo but I'm afraid of the vachetta at the bottom. But I will consider it once again. I'll also consider the BH. Thanks again.
  6. I suggest noe I have it and it holds sooooooooooo much sometimes I used it as a weekend bag it holds a whole change of outfit with shoes and small stuff however at the same time mine looks nice when I have more or less nothing inside, I say large Noe large noe large noe large noe hehehe
    you can have it in mono or damier azur :drool:
  7. :flowers: :flowers: wellcome to the forum by the way
  8. Thanks Everyone. I might have to reconsider NOE again. The other draw back with this bag is that I carry alot of papers and I can't fold them.
  9. IF you're not a fan of an open ton what about the monogram Mezzo, nice size and will carry everything you need. Or the Damier saleya, if also has a zipper and you have your choice of or gm.
    Depending on how you you have to carry you could get away with the monogram piano. its smaller then the mezzo but still carries a ton.

    Good luck with your choices and welcome to the forum.

  10. welcome to the forum, i say cabas mezzo or piano. take a search for them.
  11. Cabas Piano/Mezzo
  12. Hmm, Damier Chelsea?
  13. Saleya MM.
  14. Damier Illovo is a shoulder bag with a zip top. It comes in two sizes: PM and MM.
  15. cabas mezzo