Ladies & Gents How do exotics do travelling?

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  1. Is it realistic to get a larger birkin 50 in croc or ostrich? or a big hac for travel? How do each wear and who travels with either, do you put them in the overhead compartment, if so do they do well there ? :flowers: TIA
  2. I don't have exotic travel birkin, and even if I had one I wouldn't take it to travel with me at all. Just too much to be worried about, when I travel I wanna be carefree.
  3. If you don't have a CITES each time you enter/depart certain countries (especially Australia), you can lose your exotic bag to Customs.
  4. I Have travelled once with a Black croc Birkin 40....It was too big to stay with me as a handbag, and it made me feel super nervous to put it in the overhead compartment, even protected with its pliage....

    I would travel again with any handbag-sized croc bag, but not with a croc luggage for sure....
  5. I would be too scared traveling with an exotic that it would be confiscated by customs. :wtf:
  6. I think it sounds wonderful! Do they make a 50 in either skin?
  7. [​IMG]
    There's an haut a courroie.
  8. Good Grief that is :drool: I love it! Please get one!!!! :yes:
  9. Hahahah ;) TRUST & BELIEVE yours truly is working very hard at it. :graucho:
  10. ^^^^:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  11. I don't believe you'd fit a 50 in the overhead and certain international airlines are now stricly enforcing the handcarry regulations even in first class. You wouldn't want to get to the gate and find they make you check it.
  12. I've never had any problems with my 50 so far, if I had--I'd never even CONSIDER, imagine that I'd miss my flight for that bag before they told me I had to check it.
  13. Good gosh...the 50 in croc is stunning!! Can't wait till you get one!
  14. Interesting you've had no problems. That's great. It's just worth being aware of :smile:

    Hehe - I everyone would rather fly another day than check our crocs!
  15. Haha absolutely!