Ladies & (Gents)! here she is ........!!

  1. I have stalked this forum(BBAG) for months did a lotof research read every thread (realy i did)LOL
    I would like to thank you wonderful addicts for helping me choose one (directly & indirectly).i received her before my birthday i've used her EVERYDAY! my LV's are upset
    ok enough babbling oh! she smells sooooo good!
    please welcome us...
    balenciaga twiggy 013.JPG balenciaga twiggy 012.JPG balenciaga twiggy 010.JPG balenciaga twiggy 009.JPG balenciaga twiggy 008.JPG
  2. here are a few more,i went a little snap happy!:smile:
    balenciaga twiggy 006.JPG balenciaga twiggy 004.JPG balenciaga twiggy 003.JPG balenciaga twiggy 002.JPG balenciaga twiggy 001.JPG
  3. Beautiful Twiggy!! Congratulations!
  4. [​IMG]
    ^^ ACK, OMG, she's gorgeous girl!!! :yahoo:

    p.s. i'm starting to get a black twiggy craving :push:
  5. the leather looks gorgeous and smooshy!!
  6. Congrats!!! She's so pretty! :yahoo: Welcome to your new addiction! What's next? :graucho:
  7. I need something red. but my favorite color in the whole wide world is PURPLE.i'm eyeing an eggplant twiggy.
    DH just shakes his head :nogood:
  8. Stunning bag!!! Congratulations! The smell of the leather is intoxicating!
  9. ROFL!!! My DH thought I was crazy until he laid eyes on my Black City GSH....he said, "now there's a bag!!!" Seems Bal's are his fave too!!! Lucky for me!!!
  10. Woohoo! Congratulations on your bag! I know, the smell is wonderful haha
  11. Oh my, what a beauty! I love it, congrats!
  12. Lovely leather. Enjoy your beautiful bag.
  13. Ack, such a cute Black twiggy!
    Nice leather too :tup:
  14. Oh She's lovely! I think Twiggy's are just so darn cute!!!!
  15. Great leather and such a good style. Would love to see you model her.