Ladies! Gents! A veggie desperate to loose some major poundage!!

  1. Well, I guess the title says it all!

    I've never actually been on any kind of diet before, mainly because they all seem to be for those pesky meat eaters :biggrin: so, I thought I'd ask the lovely people on here, if any of you have any experience of meat free diets, and if you've had any success with them?

    Believe me, if you have something that works, I'd be eternally grateful!!

    Many thanks!!

  2. Are you looking to go vegetarian to lose weight... or are you vegetarian now?

    Eat lots and lots of beans... beans, beans, beans!
  3. I know that a lot of meat substitutes like Quorn/Linda Mc Cartney are low fat. I'm vegetarian too so I tend to eat something like Quorn Sausages, with potatoes and veg for my dinner. I always have breakfast and I think that helps, as it stops me being hungry and snacking on junk. Normally its a bowl of cereal with a mug of tea.
  4. Been a veggie over 25 years, and used to be a very slim gal, until 8 years ago when I gave up the ciggies and I just EXPANDED HUGELY...

    Seriously, though, I really need to loose some weight. Lots. Bless you for the beans steer, but unfortunately, apart from green beans, or runner beans, I couldn't touch them! I wish I could eat more macrobiotic stuff, but I think it's all horrid! I'm the MOST fussiest person when it comes to what I eat and don't eat. For example, I don't eat meat but I'm not a great lover of fruit or veg either!! *eek*

    I do eat Quorn, which I do believe is low fat, but I do try and eat unprocessed as much as poss. I actually think my main problem, is that I don't get enough protein, and am eating way too many carbs *sigh*

    Anyone know of any good forms of none meat proteins?

    Thanks again for any encouragement!!

  5. Do you like dairy? You could eat low-fat cheese and yogurt and drink low-fat milk... Do you like other pulses such as lentils, bulgur, etc.?
  6. this may sound gross.. but i have heard wonders about the raw food diet. it's actually a way of living and a complete lifestyle change. basically, you eat whole, unprocessed grains, veggies, nuts, fruits, and there are HUNDREDS of different varieties to try! I have yet to be strong to give up meat, but ooh this would definitely do the trick :smile:
  7. I have the exact same problem as you. I'm a very picky eater and don't eat much meat besides chicken and turkey. But I eat WAYYYYY too many carbs. I would like to lose 15-20 lbs. I actually was a full vegetarian for 6 months and would love to go back but all I was eating was carbs. I don't really do beans either except the green ones, lol. Have you tried the large variety of "fake" meats like sausages, corn dogs, hot dogs, bacon in your grocery store? some of that stuff is pretty tasty. You could also try tofu (although I haven't had much luck with it), I've heard it soaks up pretty much any flavoring you add to it. Try all for some recipes. Also, try switching your carbs to whole grains that would help too.
  8. What about seafood?
    Nothing at all?

    I'm not a huge meat eater.. I'll take a piece of steak every 4-5 months, maybe pieces of chicken once a month, and turkey for Thanksgiving....but nothing else.

    However I am a seafood fanatic. Shrimp, lobster, scallops, shellfish, and TONS of fish. I must admit they are good sources of proteins with resonable amount of fat (some are low, some are high, but for the most part better than meat). I don't eat them everyday some fish have too much mercury content...

    But I rotate between different kinds of seafood, Tofu, and eggs.
  9. If you remember that refined sugar is the enemy - you will lose weight and cravings - anything that has more than 3 grams of sugar in it and everything that turns into sugar when you eat it (white bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, basically everything white) should be avoided. I didn't create this way of eating but I know it works because I live that way and stay very thin.
  10. Ahh! Quorn is so good. I can't find it here...I've only ever had it in Holland. I ate that along with veggies almost every meal while I was there. So good. :smile:
  11. May3545, you are totally right. Eating a raw food diet is so where its at to lose weight. I have been eating this way and I totally see and feel the difference in my body and energy levels.

    kathleen37, try cutting out the carbs and have food that doesnt need to be prepared (cooked). I promise you'll see a difference.
  12. Thanks everyone. I knew it would be out with the carbs, but the problem I have is that I get so little protein....

    No fish I'm afraid, and don't like any of the pulses either !

    I appreciate I'm a sad case....

    Thanks very much for all your helpful comments!

  13. Can you eat yogurt? (I don't know if this would go against vegan) I usually have this as part of my breakfast, and it helps fill me up. I have been learning that if you have a serving of protein at each meal, it helps you avoid snacking between meals and you feel fuller longer.
  14. can always get those power bars, right? I think some protein bars are vegan/vegetarian. they're pretty gross, but it's a compact source of half your protein DV% (some have up to 50 grams in one bar).
    Peanut butter and whole wheat bread should work for you too. do not, NOT, overdo it on the PB, it's packed with calories. but you definitely need the protein, so just watch your portions.

    The calcium in dairy will help you burn fat, fyi. so go after the cheese and yogurts if you can.