Ladies Dressing Rooms !!

Jan 23, 2006
I don't go in dressing rooms anymore ! I know my body, so I don't have to try most things on, I also know my clients so I can just buy right of the racks for them too.

The last time I was in a dressing room :

I was trying on a pair of pants, I had removed my skirt and boots, I'm bent over climbing into the pants , ass facing North, when I heard a swish, and felt a small breeze, I then turned around to find a S.A beaming at me asking "if everything was alright" ? :shame:

Do you have to try on ?

Any Experiences ?

ps. Note to self : no matter what always make sure you have clean knickers on.
I LOATHE trying things on, but I have to, nothing fits me right! LOL!
And SA's need to learn to stay OUT of the dressing room - don't they know we can hear them if they just ask if we need help!?
I've never had someone come into the dressing room, usually they stay outside and ask. But there are about 2 stores I shop at where it's just the big room, with no privacy so everyone can see everything.

It doesn't bother me all that much, I get in and get out and keep my eyes on myself lol. But I'm sure others hate it.
When I try on clothes, I like to look at myself from different angles and do weird stuff so I'd like it if I was all alone when I try on clothes. Also, I like to take my time but when people are watching, I feel as if they want me to hurry and just get out.

I usually know my sizes but sometimes I just grab something and I go home and try it on, and it looks like crap!
I have to try things on, for some reason even if its one in the same size they all fit differently. So if possible I'll try on a couple of the same. I like to know it looks right on me before I take it home as well, I hate returning!
Since I stick to the same stores/brands, I usually don't have to try anything on. Rarely do I ever get something home and find that it doesn't fit properly. I haven't had a problem with SAs walking in on me. One time I tried on a dress and then stepped out of the cubicle to view myself in the large mirrors outside the cubicles. I didn't really like what I saw. I turned around to go back in the cubicle to put my clothes back on, and the door had somehow locked. Luckily, the SA was able to unlock it from the outside with a key. Otherwise, I would have had to crawl under the door with the dress on to get back in. :shame:
speaking of dressing rooms, I was at Saks in Cinci yesterday and a friend of mine was trying on Juicy track suits. I walked out to get her another size, when I came back, you could see straight through the door. I told her I could see her pink undies through the door and she said, "you already knew the color." That's when I told her I could see her plumbers crack hanging out. She freaked out that anyone could walk by and see her undressed.
Ok the problem I have with dressing rooms is the lighting or the mirros. I swear so many stores make sure to get lights and mirrors that make every imperfection show perfectly. I usually look in the mirror and wonder "Is this honestly how i look?!"

This only makes me flustered and red in the face... so I storm out of the stores like that because of bad dressing room lighting.

Yes, let me think it is THEIR fault and not my own!!!!!!!!!! :P
I went into a store once and the top was a little too small and was really clingy to my chest. So, I open the door nd have my bestfriend run in to help me take it off. The SA runs over and is all WHAT are you doing?! It was so embarassing for us to come out and say the top got stuck on my boobs.
These days I tend to take things home to try on and return if they don't fit. One pet peeve is stores that keep their dressing rooms freezing cold, or don't clean up the floor (or the piles of clothes left behind by other customers) or have lighting that's so weird or dim you can't tell how anything really looks.
I have to try on jeans, pants, and dresses. Tops for the most part are pretty standard for me, so I tend not to try those on. I'm one of those clothing shoppers that really hates it when SAs constantly ask if you need help or if everything is alright. I don't like to be bothered when it comes to clothing shopping.
i always have to try things on especially pants... so i usually only go to places that i know... and thankfully they all have like lockable dressing room doors! :amuse:
I almost always need to try things on. Plus I hate returning things so if I can avoid it for something as simple as not fitting me, I"m going to. Once I had someone walk in on me, just a stranger opened the door! So now I leave my shoes closer to the edge so it is obvious that someone is in there if they don't lock...and even if they do. I've never had an SA open a door on me though. Ooh, I was so mad one time when I was bathing suit shopping with my bf and they would not let him into even the dressing room area to tell me how things looked. So if I had stayed I would've had to walk out of the whole fitting room area into the real store to show him and that was just ridiculous to me.