ladies, don't forget that as of yesterday...

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  1. the b-bag store in nyc had 3 bordeaux firsts left & they're gorgeous :love: ...give daphne a call if you're interesed before they fly away!!!


    p.s. one of them was more distressed than the others, so make sure to specify your leather preferences
  2. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. you're welcome chloe-girl, i should get busy & post some photos of mine so you can see!!!
  4. Oooh! Yes, please post pics! I'd love to see yours! :smile:
  5. OMG bordeaux!!! yummy color!!!!:love:
  6. they're coming girls, they're coming, i'm downloading now!!!
  7. okay, here you go gals, just keep in mind it's brand new, so it's still shiny & stuff...and the full beauty of the rich wine color doesn't show as well on film as it does IRL :sad:'s such a deep, rich, wine color, with purplish hues...i'm sooooooooooooo in love :love:
  8. Ooooh!!! It's gorgeous!!! I love the color! Eeek! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait to get mine, too! :smile:
  9. I have one too and it's one of my favorite colors of all time. Enjoy it!
  10. It's such a beautiful color:love: ...
    now, should I just go ahead and get the bordeaux city or wait for the new Grenat City?:huh: Both yummy colors.....:heart::biggrin:
  11. i think all they had were firsts. but check with aaallabama or whoever posted about these originally.
  12. awe, thanks so much for loving my bag girls :P's so hard capturing the color well in the pictures...and chigirl's right, i think they only had 4 firsts available (3 after i grabbed mine)...the color's more of a plum-ish red wine color than the grenat, which is more brown :smile:
  13. yippy, me & Pupster are going to be twins :smile: :heart: :smile: :heart:
  14. Woohoo! Wonder Twin powers activate--in the form of a Bordeaux First! lol! I'm such a dork. lol. Your pics are making me even me excited! :smile:
  15. the color is beautiful, aaallabama!

    ps don't forget to put your name on your pictures... watermark, i mean- sorry had a brain fart....
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