Ladies: Does anyone have the 2007 Scarf Print 11119? or 11116?

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  1. I might have asked this before! I just cant get these bags out of my head! I have the wristlet and the pouch, but I sold the pouch.. I need this print in my life!!!

    Can anyone post modeling pics of these two styles please?? I'd like to see it on the shoulder!

    Thanks so much!!!
    11116.jpg 11119.jpg
  2. Sorry--no modeling pics. Just wanted to say that I love that print, too!
  3. See below: for reference 5'6" and what they call "thick" :nogood:
  4. i love it too! I have the wristlet but its just not enough!! LOL!!!

    I've looked around the forum alot lately and I havent seen anyone with the larger tote... but i know i've been the double handled one...

    Can anyone out there model them for me??? Please??
  5. Omg! I love it! Thanks! I think that one might be the winner anyways!!!
  6. No problem!
  7. gorgeous print!
  8. I love love LOVE the print of this material... I was looking at the shoulder bag still, and i'm still wondering what it looks like on the shoulder... It kinda reminds me a of a Carly.. but the strap looks a little short...

    I dont know! I'm confused!!! The size of the tote looks good to, but the other one seems like it would be a bit smaller..

    ok... i hate to beat a dead horse, but can someone model 11119 for me please?
  9. I love this bag. I still regret not getting it when it came out:noggin:
  10. I think you're right!! Good lookin' out! And i just looked at that thread two days ago, lol!!!

  11. aaaaaaaand we have a winner!


    I think it would be better for me because of the size.. 11116 seems too big.

    Thanks Margaritaxmix!!!!
  12. Nice! Now you just have to find one, right? Or is there one waiting for you on ebay? :graucho:

    I agree with you on the size - that shoulder tote seems perfect. :yes:
  13. It isn't actually oversized. It is about the same size as the gallery tote that had the embellishments. Not the ones meant to be held but the ones that fit on your shoulder.

    Glad you made a decision though, now you just have to find one. I got mine, paid full price if I remember correctly, and used it the same day (which I never do). However, I am always just so scared it will get snagged or dirty. I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have used it.
  14. I have 11119 and I love it! I might give it to my mom for Mothers Day because she loves it and I don't use it very much. It is a great sized bag and goes with everything IMO but I'm not matchy matchy. I bought mine on ebay I think for $275...or so..You will love it! The fabric is very easy to clean, just use a baby wipe!