Ladies, Do you spray perfume when carrying your Chanel Bag?

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  1. I know this may sound silly to you, I love my Chanel bags so much that I am slightly paranoid that when I spray perfume on myself, it might get onto my babies and tarnish their hardware. On the other hand, I want to use perfume too. Do you ladies have this same feeling as me or am I just being too protective? On which part of your body do you ladies usually apply/spray your perfume on, so that it wouldn't come in contact with the Chanel chains at all? I hope somebody could enlighten me :girlsigh:
  2. I think you're being a bit too protective! Try spraying the perfume on your chest?
  3. hahahaha, you're cute. don't let a chanel change your habits that much. just spray the perfume before you carry the bag, then you can smell and look delicious. ;)
  4. ^^ Hehehe. Thanks Ladies.. btw, will Chanel H/W tarnish when comes in contact with perfume? I know some of my costume jeweleries do.
  5. I think due to the alcohol content of perfume, it will tarnish if it comes into contact. It's okay, I am like you... a bit paranoid about tarnishing things.

    I spray upwards and walk "into" the mist of perfume so I'm not concentrating it a certain area, yet still get nice and perfum-ey all over. Then I put on jewerly and grab my bag. (I am careful not to spray on my white gold/platinum either -but maybe that's going a tad too far ;))
  6. I apply perfume before I get dressed and my bag is the last thing I grab before heading out the door ... so I don't think about perfume getting on my bags.

    On the other hand, any perfume bottle that is being carried in a bag goes in a plastic bag to prevent leakage on the leather interior. And I reapply only to pulse points.
  7. I don't think so. I have 2 white Chanels. I am just as paranoid.
  8. perfume does have alcohol in it which is badg for leather bags, especially metallics, always spray it on away from your bags, let it dry then grab your bag.....and go
  9. well i think no outfit is complete without a spritz of perfume :P
    and besides i think Coco Chanel would want you to carry your bag AND smell great hehehe

    i wear Bvlgari's Petits et Mamans (a baby scent) and it has a sans alcohol version so if you're still paranoid and baby scent is your cup of tea, try that sans alcohol perfume :smile:
  10. btw the sans alcohol version of Petits et Mamans is meant for baby/really sensitive skin so it should be gentle.
  11. I wear perfume regularly but prefer to apply directly than spray. i always do this before picking up my bag (and I try to do this before jewelry but sometimes I am bad).
  12. I cannot imagine it being even remotely a problem if you spray perfume on your neck, wrists, cleavage, etc. Why in the world would it tarnish anything? You're not rubbing your Chanel bags all over your neck, after all. I think you are being a little too paranoid.
  13. Ever I got perfume on my Tiffany bead necklace and it tarnished, I stopped buying spray perfumes-- now I use the lotion type perfume. (I brought the necklace back to Tiffanys and they were able to shine it back up again--Phew! I was going crazy and was so mad at myself. It's only a necklace for heavens sake.) I wouldn't dare try that again and chance getting perfume on a Chanel handbag chain.
  14. I use roll-on perfume oils instead of fragrance sprays when I use my Chanel bags. The alcohol in perfume sprays combined with sunlight can be a toxic combination for bags, clothing, rugs, etc. Right now, I am using Philosophy "Pure Grace" and "Falling in Love" fragrance roll-ons.
  15. I always put my perfume on before going out with my bag so I won't have to worry about this problem.