Ladies, do you read men's magazines?

  1. Guys, do you read women's magazines? Why?

    I read Maxim. I would borrow them for my brother, and then it got to where I would buy an issue. It's got everything in there, and I love the stories. (Plus, they've got jokes!)

    Seriously, it's like a guy's Cosmo.
  2. Nope I can't say I do. I remember at school one of the guys gave us girls his magazine - I think it was probably Zoo or something to look over. We had a laugh about it but thats about it. I wouldn't bother reading them again, I love my girly mags too much!
  3. Don't get me wrong, I do, too. Especially Cosmo, Glamour, British Cosmo and British Glamour.

    I read Maxim in addition to my magazines, not instead of.
  4. Maybe if I was in a waiting room & there is nothing else to read. Or, if I'm at somebody's house & it's just sitting there. I wouldn't read it on purpose.
  5. In highschool I read Details and GQ, and later, George. I just found the articles to be more interesting. I found women's magazines were too centred around clothes, makeup and how to find a husband. Not that I didn't care about those things... but I got my fill of them by gabbing with girlfriends. I did feel a bit self-conscious buying them... because I truly liked them and didn't want to appear that I was trying to be something that I wasn't. So I would hide them away.
  6. I read FHM. There are some interesting facts and crude jokes. ;p
  7. I love GQ. I'm so enticed by some of the articles in there. They're not all full of articles on how to look nice or what beauty products to buy. And the pictures of the sophisticated men don't hurt either.
  8. I like Maxim and FHM, the articles and stuff inside is just so much better than in some other mags.
  9. I love reading Details, and Men's Health! It gives me topics to discuss with my BF.
  10. I have a subscription to Playboy, so I guess you could say "Yes." ;)
  11. Yeah I do. I used to read "Maxim", "Playboy", "FHM", "GQ", and "Men's Journal." Some are actually quite good. Others are kind of blah ...
  12. No, I can't really say I do. But if I'm in a waiting room I'll just skim through the pages.
  13. No no and no. Of course when I think of men's magazine's i think of Maxim and the like...I do love men's journal- but that's about outdoor naked women.
  14. Sometimes my BF buys MAXIM and FHM, so I read that.
    I used to read the PLAYBOYs of my roomates, very good articles.
    When I visit my friend I read his GQ's, it's fun to have an insight into our men's world and thoughts, fun jokes, good articles about sex in a total different perspective from what we read in our women mags, and I look at the girls to have an idea of what is sexy to men (quite different as well from the models in our GLAMOUR, COSMO, etc....!!!)
  15. my bf's mags are all about computers and golfing... so no, I don't read them...