Ladies: Dipping into the Men's Collection... (and vice versa)

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  1. I thought this might be an interesting topic. Ladies - have you ever gotten anything for yourself from the Men's Collection? If so, what? (Guys - some Women's Collection pieces that you've collected over the years?)

    I personally haven't bought any (yet), but I'm still a LV newbie. I think the Sac Plat PM that I got for Chinese New Year is quite androgenous though.

    I don't have anything particular from the Men's Collection on my wishlist, but I'm super drawn to the Damier Graphite & Cobalt canvases! (I'm just not convinced about the nylon-looking shoulder straps that all the men's bags seem to come with...) Maybe I will get a SLG in the near future?

    How about you guys? :smile:
  2. I have an agenda mm and a keepall in DG
  3. All of my bags are from the men's lines (except my Keepalls which are of course unisex) but I did own a Musette, which was from the women's collection. Many of my SLGs though are, according to LV, women's!

    The fabric straps on the men's bags are actually very comfortable and very well made. At first I was concerned that they might fray over time, but I've had no issues with mine! :smile:
  4. I have a few .. my fav is the reporter from s/s ..such a lovely bag ..I adore the s/s 2014 bags too
    also have the practical and escapade (great bag for tropical downpour)

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  5. Pocket organizer.
  6. Love your bags! :drool: The three in the first pic are absolutely stunning. I have the PDV in Anthracite and I love it.
  7. I'm obsessed with your collection!

    That's good to know re the fabric straps - do you happen to know what they are made of? (is it nylon like I thought?) :smile:
  8. I am female. Almost all my bags I prefer from the Men's line.
    Macassar/ Keeplall 45, Kiton, Porte Documents Jour, Palk Backpack, District MM
    Grafite/ Mick mm, Zippy Organizer wallet
    Tobago leather carryall in yellow and black from 10 yrs ago.
    I still have not worn all these bags yet, but I love that they are different and you do not see them on everyone!!!
    I also have a bunch of Toiletry cases from the men's line. I bought the new cobalt but had to return because the strap was just way too long(Greenwhich).
    I definitely recommend men's line for Women!!
    I have no clue as how to post pics, thats why I never started a thread.
  9. Weekender Beaubourg GM in de
    The straps on him are more cloth-like than ripstop nylon
  10. Almost all my bags are from the women's lines and Im always drawn to the women's bags over the men's.

    I have a keepall 50 DE (unisex)
    Orange graffiti NF GM (technically women's)
    Empreinte Artsy in Bleu infini (women's)
    Sac plat DE (unisex??)

    And all my SLGs are women's except the cles which is unisex?

    Zippy vernis in rouge grenadine and Bleu infini (women's)
    DE international wallet (women's)
    Cosmetic pouch rouge grenadine and DE (women's)
    TP26 mono and DE (women's)
    Zippy compact rouge grenadine (women's)
    Mono shawl in Bleu lagoon (women's)

    And the bags I'm eying are also all women's ATM too.

    W noir GM (would die for this bag!)
    Mon mono NF GM
    Alma MM epi electric noir
    Favorite MM
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    I'm a guy. I have a Speedy 40! I don't really use it as a purse tho, more of an overnight bag.
    Also Monogram key pouch(clè) that I use daily. It's technically from the women't line.
    And a Kusama Zippy(green) and Cosmetic Pouch(blue) that are always in my Mick PM. I love the colors on them. I always get compliments on them.
    And I guess technically my Kusama Keepall is from the women's line as well. I think all the Kusama items were women's? But it seems very unisex to me.

    I think that's it for my women's items? But I am not afraid to shop from both lines.

    Oops. Edited to add my Toiletry Pouch 26! I use it for battery chargers, phone cords, and random items when I travel too.
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    I'm a guy, and own stuff from the mens line. I have a Keepall 55 Damier Ebene though, and I suppose that is unisex. I also have the new Damier Ebene Bleu Pocket organiser and Im not sure if that is womens..
  13. Great bags! I love that bear key holder! When was that available? I will have to start stalking pre-loved....

  14. How did I forget I have a speedy 40 mon mono too lol. So 3 women's bags and 2 unisex bags.
  15. It's great to know about everybody's unique collection! I am determined to get a bag from the men's collection (since I'm obsessed with Damier Graphite) - would be great for business school :biggrin: