Ladies, did you or your significant other ever forget an anniversary?

  1. :hysteric: OMG, last sunday, 9th, was my 18th anniversary. My dh and I completely forgot all about it. I was logging in the pf monday, 10th, when I noticed the date. :wtf: :censor: :crybaby: that's how I felt, then, ILMAO. We have been so busy. Just got back a week ago from a 10 days vac in NY to visit his family. I have been so busy cleaning and doing laundry and trying to get some rest (it has been impossible coz I'm always log in the PF). Vac are always so tiring. My poor dh had to go back to work right away (I'm a stay at home mom) and he has been so busy also looking for a car for our 17 yr old so he can get his license before school starts in aug. Anyways, I'm trying to get everything in order coz we will be off on another vac this time to hawaii (my brothers 25th anniversary) in about a week (I'm already tired just thinking about this)
    So, when dh came home for lunch, I asked him what the date is. He checks his cellphone and :wtf: . I said I know. We both started laughing:roflmfao: How :crybaby: is that. Well, he says, at least we spend the whole day together yesterday. We were looking at cars all day. This is the first time, this has ever happened. I mean, I can understand one person forgetting it, but 2? Geez. Anyway, we made plans to go out to dinner this friday. He wants to know what I want for our 18th. I told him I will wait and get something in Hawaii. I'm so excited. I've been excited about the damier speedy lately and maybe the damier alma. The damier speedy seems to be a fav amongs the ladies on the pf that it has grown on me:love: I will let you guys know what I get there.
  2. After my grandfather passed away my mind wasn't in the right place and he was so busy taking care of me that the whole month after we were both really out of it and both completly forgot. It happens for one reason or another but the important thing is to have the guy that treats you great all year round not just special days.
  3. No,I usually forget!:shame:
  4. yes... My boyfriend forgot my birthday last year... :crybaby:
  5. I am usually pretty good and as for my SO he doesn't have the chance to forget what with all the reminders and hints I give him!:yes:
  6. My husband and I have definitely forgotten ours before. Neither one of us are very good with dates. The best is when people ask us how long we have been married and we both get this blank stare. People must think we are lying or something. lol
  7. That is too funny. Both my mother in law and my mother have to call and remind both me and my hubby. We just forget. I have to even look it up...I think it's Aug. 24...I think. LOL I'm not so big on significant dates. They just don't mean so much ... except the sort of 'bigger' ones like 5, 10, 15, etc. Otherwise it's just another year to me.

    But it just horrifies my mom and MIL. ROFL Hubby is lucky I'm the same as he is with it because he is just as bad at remembering!
  8. Not yet but I can see it happening soon.
  9. Nope. DH hasn't (dared) forget yet.:lol: Actually because we both probably mention it a week or two before. No one else in the family remembers though- ie: parents, sisters, kids, etc. I don't mind too much because I'm really bad with other people's dates. That's something I really need to work on.
  10. oh, we kept on forgetting about each other's too. and after a few years, we decided it doesn't matter anymore :P
  11. He forgot my Bday once. But totally made up for it. Time passes so fast and everyones lives are so busy.. It's easy to understand. And well, you were together and have been together for 17 years. Congrats on your anniversary and enjoy Hawaii
  12. nope. DH has not forgotten yet not once.
  13. Most appropriate thread to post this smilie:

  14. My parents seem to forget their anniversary every year, and next January will be their 30th anniversary. My sister and I plan on sending them onto a Cruise, now there's NO WAY they can forget that!
  15. Yep! We forgot all about our anniversary about three years ago. When it finally dawned on me at about 10:00 that night, I looked at him and said, "Oh yeah! Happy Anniversary!". All we could do was hasn't happened since and now every year on our anniversary we talk about it! Funny!