Ladies -- could I see pics of your classic Tiffany setting e-rings?


Aug 16, 2007
The craft room.
DF had wanted to just give me the diamond itself so I can choose the setting myself but he felt like he'd lose to diamond. So instead he put it in a really cheapo setting just to propose to me. When we got home we put it in a much more secure 6 prong round setting in a Tiffany's style ring, it looked similar to what he originally proposed to me with, simple and safe. But when looking at wedding bands nothing sat flush against my engagement ring, and I really wanted a princess.. Soooo being the sweet sweet DF he is, he took me back to the jewelers and together we swapped the round for a princess and choose my new setting which I totally love!! And he also says, he loves the square princess more than the round he chose for me. And what he says even more is, "I'm glad it took us awhile to find the perfect ring, because the way you look at that ring is so worth it!!" We made the decision together and that was something fun to do together as we learned about diamonds. :heart::heart:

The Tiffany's style ring

And what I have now!!

Seriously, I loooove this ring. I stare at it all the time and it just makes me feel all giddy inside!! :love::love:

(P.S. sorry my photos aren't that good. With the princess I learned to go to the bathroom for the best lighting in the house.)
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