Ladies! Coach is rolling out a beauty collection! A sprinkly updateeee!!!

  1. Not only can you feel fabulously accessorized, you can look it too! :love:

    Coming this fall in flagship stores, Coach will be coming out with 3 lipsticks in poppy, peony and rose! There will also be shimmer powders!

    Coming this fall to ALL stores with be a lotion matching the Coach fragrance! This way you can layer it!


    Alright, also in celebration of me posting a billion times (1,000 actually in 4 posts)- you can pick my brain and ask me questions! Just remember I have quite a bit of integrity to upkeep so don't ask questions you know I shouldn't answer! :graucho:

    Alsoooooo sorry to the ladies about the black/white sketches of new bags- I no longer have them :tdown:

    PS. Thanks to you ladies, I'm sure you've helped so much - my friend is at 37!!!!! Remember to vote everyday and keep her there!
  2. i was hoping they'd put out a lotion! woo hoo!

    pick your brain, eh? and nothing naughty...well...there goes my questions! :p
  3. I am excited for the lotion!
  4. More reasons to LOVE Coach!


    Thanks sprinkles!
  5. logo packaging?
  6. :winkiss:

    hey hey!
  7. Ooooooh that's so exciting!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!
  8. :confused1:
  9. samples?


    How exciting, I have been saying FOREVER that they need some beauty products!!!

  10. sprinkles, answer my pm (damnit). :p

    wait...what are the questions from "inside the actors studio"? like favorite curse word, lol.
  11. makes the big 1000 count!!!
  12. Possibly, I've only heard of the names and the fact that we're getting them!

    hahaha, oh gosh!


    Only if you send me comfortable shoes!!!

    EDIT: WOOHOOOOO!!! 1,000!!!! Everyone can send me starbucks gc's in celebration!
  13. would you rather answer the "what's the meaning of life" question? lol. (which is really only fun to answer when you're totally trashed...haha)
  14. I can't wait to see all the good stuff coming out for fall, I'm so stoked!
  15. happy 1000!!! :drinkup:now go buy something! (may i point you into those wicked cute shoes you showed me this week? hehe)