Ladies, Check the heels on CLs before you buy them!

  1. I purchased a pair of red patent simple pumps a few months ago, I wore them a few times and although my feet never hurt after wearing these shoes, I noticed that my back was always in pain after the few times that I wore them. I noticed the back pain because I never have back pain and was suprised to experience from such a comfortable shoe like the simple pump. Anyway, today I was wearing these shoes and decided to get the heel lifts changed since I was walking past my favorite shoe repair shop during lunch. I gave my shoes to the cobbler and he informed me that the heel heights were different on each shoe, he showed me the heels back to back and there was a noticeable difference, it looked like a .5" difference at least. I couldn't believe it! So I had the heel lifts replaced and I ran over to the store that I purchased these shoes from. I explained the situation and they offered me a refund since that shoe is long sold out. The SA mentioned to me that this has been an issue with other CL shoes, so ladies before you purchase your next pair of CLs, be sure to check that the heels are the same height.
    Now I am bummed because that was my only pair of red shoes and I didn't really notice anything else that I liked in red. Hopefully I will find the red patent simple pump next spring.
  2. Similar situation on Saturday. I was exchanging a pair of CL's and when I looked at the new pair, the heels were not right. The black rubber part was not flush with the shoe and looked uneven. If I had taken those shoes the heel would have broken, these shoes had obvious issues with them. The red sole near the rubber heel was peeling away from the shoe. For a $770 dollar pair of shoes...that should never happen. I want to get another pair but I'm scared that more issues could arise.
  3. TXG - I am afraid that I have heard this story before about CL shoes.

    I really hope that their QC is not getting lax because of their current business surge.
    It reminds me of a story that I recently read about the increase in Chinese factory workers in Italian factories. Many Italian factories are now moving and employing chinese factory workers because of the cheaper labor but the manufacturer can still state that the shoe is Made in Italy.
    I am not stating that this is the case with the factories that CL uses but there should be some explanation for the recent issues I have heard about with damaged and defective shoes. This is personally my second experience with defective CL shoes in the past 2 months.
  4. What was your first defective CL experience? Hearing about this is frightening. I'll have to go look at all of my shoes now.
  5. Lavender - I purchased the Linen Peep D'orsay in navy with the lizard trim during the summer sale. After the first time I wore them, I noticed that the linen began to stretch and caused tiny white lines throughout the navy linen. Keep in mind that the shoes were not small or tight on me by any means. I wore them a few more times and the lines became more noticeable. I also have the dove grey color of this shoe, and those have been fine, no damage as of yet. So I went back to the store I purchased them from and they gave me a credit. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get a refund but I guess it doesn't matter since I am sure I will be able to use the credit.
  6. Oh dear! I hate hearing stories like this one because I'm partial to CL, but I have to admit that I've had alot more problems with CL's than Choo or Mannies.

    Kamilla, I can commiserate because I have two pairs of CL's that don't stand quite right; two pairs of espadrilles that tore, a pair of Dickensaras that lifted... and that's just off the top of my head. My SA's have been great at offering credit or another pair but it is disheartening to hear about the egregious mistake they made on the height of your shoes! :crybaby: I mean, for the most part, the defects in my shoes so far have not threatened my physical health, but YOURS...! I love CL, but I would probably demand more than just credit for something like that.
  7. Ladies...this is not good. I'm reading a book now called..."Deluxe, How Luxery lost it's Luster". I'm almost done but everyone who has every purchased a luxury item should read it. It doesn't touch on footwear but on clothing and handbags. It will make you think twice before forking over your hard earned money. I wish it would talk about shoes though. Now I have this gut feeling that I shouldn't get the replacement CL bruges that I wanted. What do you ladies think? I've already seen what defective $800 dollar shoes look like and now it's put a bad taste in my mouth. Any advise?
  8. If you don't mind a newbie offering advice, TX, I'd say the CL Thing is pretty badly tarnished by now. Any manufacturer can get away with a FEW mistakes, but this is beginning to look like a pattern. Lack of QC is killing the brand!
  9. Excellent info, thanks for sharing!
  10. YIKES! Running off to check ALL of my heels (cuz I have cronic back pain)!
  11. This sort of stuff makes me really angry. We've had a few tv programmes over here in the UK, basically telling people that buying cheap - Wal-mart, Primark etc - isn't a great idea because it encourages big companies to use cheap labour in places like China.

    I don't mind paying high prices for high end designer stuff, but it is totally unacceptable to charge high prices and use cheap labour to maximise profits. At least Wal-Mart etc. pass on the savings to their customers :cursing:
  12. Glynis, your totally least they pass the savings onto customers. I'm telling guys have to read this book, you won't just be checking your'll look at these design houses in a totally different light. Now, I'm not a huge shoe person, I prefer a great pair of flats since I broke my ankle 2 years ago but the CL's were going to be my one great pair of heels that I could finally wear that didn't kill my I'm just bummed about all this info. Isn't it funny how you only think something affects you until you put it out there. Lord, I hope CL's aren't on the downward decline like other companies that are having QC issues. Any one else having issues with their CL's...I'd rather have the whole story so I can be prepared just incase this happens to me!:boxing:
  13. Wow. I'm shocked! People have good points that there is no sense in paying $800 for a pair of shoes when they're compromising quality for cheap labor. I am happy to pay $$$ for shoes that are high quality and last a lifetime. But if they're only going to last a few months, then heck, I may as well be shopping at Payless Shoe Source.

    The only problems I've had with CL is the tip on one of my Raffia YoYos came off on my second trip out with them. Maybe I'm just lucky though? (Or don't have enough CLs)
  14. Wow, I've always heard from my brother about luxury goods being made in China, but I never believed him. It's pretty sad that the quality has gone down and that everything is outrageously marked up. I guess it makes you appreciate vintage much, much more!