ladies~ can i have some thoughts on this bag~??

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  1. what do u think of this bag?
    the seller is asking me around $1100 ish..
    do u think this bag is a good buy?

  2. nice bag... but don't really like the it wool? but honestly, there's something about the bag that makes me keep looking at it...i love flap! sorry im not much help
  3. i personally would not pay that price for the bag- unless it was leather
  4. i dun like the material, looks worn and old altho i believe that is the supposed look of the material.
  5. i like it but it's more for fall/winter. if i pay that much for a bag i want to carry it all year round.
  6. I think its a cutie, you could always lift it by wearing pinks and whites in the summer months.
  7. Looks gorgeous and I agree with chloe-babe. You could also wrap a pink scarf around the chains.
  8. meh, its a grey that just fades into the background, a no statement bag
  9. It looks like wool flannel/felt. I don't hate the material, but can't bring myself to spend a lot of money on bags that are not leather. If you really love it I would negotiate to pay between $600-$800.
  10. ITA. That's what I paid for my grey flannel jumbo. I love the bag, especially it's material, but it's current price is a bit much.
  11. i love gray but not very hot about the material... and more than a grand for an used bag made of wool? i'd say pass and wait for something better to turn up. imagine after you bought this bag and a cuter Chanel turns up? you'd be so so mad!
  12. I like it. It looks really huggable! I saw it once on eBay and really liked it then as well. The price seems ok, it looks flawless. And the color is easygoing :yes:
  13. This is a fall/winter bag. I think that the color is versatile and would look great if you were wearing black, red, navy, ivory. It is classic and has a timeless look. The material is great. There is no doubt that it is a bit different. I was at a party last month and saw three identical classic black leather flaps on three different women (beautiful, but sometimes boring). This bag would stand out.

    If you like it, you should find out what the retail price of this bag was and compare.
  14. I love this bag, Perhaps u can negotiate for a lower price. For a used bag $1100 is quite a high price.
  15. I thikn if you have a large Chanel collection already, then its a good one to add... But if you are just starting out, something more classic would be better (lambskin or caviar leather)