Ladies before you buy the new denim striped this..I have it..

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  1. Good afternoon ladies. Well, today I needed a day out and seeing those pics of the newest denim striped totes, I took a ride to my favorite store, for they were putting them out monday and I know they always have a few to show me. My girl went in the back and there were a few on display. I also saw the Carly Patchwork in both colors for Nordstrum beat Coach to it. Did not like them. My SA showed me the smaller debun tote much like the regular signature striped tote, but in dark denim jacquard with a dark navy stripe at the bottom and brown straps. (2 straps)...there is also some kind of stitching on the straps and rings just like the pics Sprinkles posted. The other east to west tote is just very large and the Speedy is very cute and big, but definitely a hand held Satchel. Okay, now here comes trouble. The tote is adorable. The brown and denim is adorable. The wallet is adorable and is brown inside with at least 6 slots and a zip around with some legacy stripe on the inside..but it says the dye can transfer and I would not want to put that wallet in a silk legacy lined bag. So I debated and debated what to do..,and I finally decided against the wallet to match and bought (for I did not have one) a natural legacy french purse. (yep, I did). I took my purchases out to the car to start home and of course took them out. The fuzz on the top of the denim from treating it to be that color was like you can see on a sweater all around it. I could not believe it. White...fuzz all over like fringe. And, upon examining the straps, there was a stitch that had a sort of a cut out of a square piece of leather that was hanging like a darn skin tag. ACCCCCCCCK. I called the store and of course they were nice about it, but the fuzzy bag and the wallet followed me home. I wonder if all of this mass production and producing new lines is making the quality less? What do you all think. ??? Of course I love it and of course it is going back...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK..,..:crybaby:
  2. well its dark denim. all dark denim has a type of color transfer which is why i would never buy that type of bag unless i was given a gurantee it wouldn't happen.

    but the other things you are talking about may just be a defect for that particular bag, i wouldnt be so quick to assume its because of "mass production" why you got a bag that is very likely to have have color transfer and be fuzzy. there are many things to be taken into account and i am not 100% i understand what is going on. is what you wore that day that caused the fuzzies?
  3. Hmm, I think I'm not the finish on the fabric just not so nice? It's me, not you, I can't visualize...can you post a pic of the tote?
  4. I ordered the small tote earlier this week. I hadn't thought about dye transfer from the denim. And the white fuzzy stuff...sheesh! Now I'm worried. Can you post a pic of the fuzzies. I might have to rethink my purchase.. :sad: :shrugs:

    Thanks for the heads-up.
  5. The transfer would be from the denim to a white shirt or light clothing you would be wearing. They feel they have to warn you..but the denim wallet would transfer to the silky legacy lining. The fuzzies are like sweater fuzzies on the material all over and on top. You would never see it in a picture. and knowing me..I will have it back tomorrow...if DH lets me pay for gas....maybe it will not bother is an adorable bag....I may get another if the leather strap is fixed. I am not sure of this as yet...
  6. Could you post pics so we can get a sneak peek of the new bag?
  7. Let me describe this better as I do not have a camera. Because this jacquard is so dyed dark denim it seems to possess a fuzzy exterior...more so than the resort denim, for it is very dark. It just has a cottony fuzz look. I think it is supposed to but I think it will not wear very well , even though it may be very normal for this type of finish. It just surprised me that when I looked at the top ot it in the light it looked like fine fringe and then all over sort of threads not pulled but fuzzy..Sorry, no camera at the moment, and the fuzz is so very fine, it would never photograph....Get it and decide for may not even bother is pretty....
  8. I think it is going back in the AM either for a new one or just back..I am not good at not returning quickly , for this strap has a defect....It looks exactly like the pics of the tote that Krispin posted...dark blue denim with brown straps..very cute... so sorry about the camera...I do not have access to it tonight....something about the chip not working right..DH has to fix it...i will try tomorrow k?
  9. I really am not assuming all of this batch is that way. It is a very lovely bag and all Coach products are generally beautiful and well made. I did not wear the bag at all. I was in the car on the way home admiring it and when I held it to the light in the car and saw the "fringe" on the edges of the bag. I thought it odd for I have had denim bags and never seen this kind of fuzz before. I called the store right away to ask my nice SA to look at another bag or two. They checked a few others. They were all fuzzy and they said it is the look of that dark dyed particular denim. The strap is a small defect, a snag or tag on distressed leather. That is nothing. It can be replaced. The stitching was not straight. I still think Coach makes wonderful bags...I was frustrated and I liked the bag so maybe I sounded frustrated. I was really excited about it...and a bit disappointed. I guess that is why it came out that way...but it is an adorable bag...maybe they can correct that...fuzz thing
  10. Thanks for all of the explanation, it was really nice of you to warn us! I'm looking forward to hearing whether others have the same trouble with them, because I do like the denim stripe look.
  11. Yes, I agree with vanojr9. Thank you very much for your informative descriptions. It’s very I'll know to take a closer look when I receive my tote.

    Hope the return goes well tomorrow...or maybe you will find something you like better! :smile:
  12. Oh gosh...I so wanted one of these denim bags (and it would have been my first Coach if you have followed my saga, I bought a Legacy denim last week and took it back the next day, too heavy)..but I think I made the right decision and went for a Dooney in denim. If I do end up getting a Coach I'll wait until fall or winter and get a leather one, perhaps a Carly. After reading this post and another thread on how thier fabric bags have not held up too well I think I have made the right choice. If this Dooney wears one me at least I only paid $165 for it...its cute don't you think ? I like the shape and style so for now this will have to do.
    Are the leather Carlys heavy ?
    Here's the Dooney bag I just ordered.

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  13. I have signature fabric bags that have worn extremely well (and I'm not gentle on them either). No problems with stitching or anything.

    Like a previous poster as much as I LOVE denim, I worry about the color transfering (just like jeans do) and unfornately, unlike jeans, you can't wash your Coach bag!

    I'm so torn.....
  14. i have a denim wristlet in the same material since february and i have no problems with anything in terms of fraying or fuzzies... odd?:shrugs:
  15. I have no idea what happened to this bag that the jacquard is so fuzzy. All the other bags in the store are fuzzy too. The rep said it is due to the dye process. Do you mean the new denim patchwork wristlet? I have that one just for a carry with jeans. I am careful not to place it near a white shirt or put it in a white bag. Yes, it is odd, very....I was just happy to get a light bag that was pretty...