Ladies: Bag help

  1. While in Capri, Italy I bought my mom a Speedy 25 bag which she loves but she can't wear it over her shoulder since the handles are too small. Are there are any LV bags in Monogram Canvas that have longer handles or a strap allowing you to wear it on your shoulder?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Batignolles Horizontal is a really pretty shoulder bag.
  3. popincourt haut
  4. There are a few. Check out Eluxury for pics and descriptions.
  5. As smith said, there are quite a few. Elux is a good place to look and, too of course ;)
  6. You can buy a strap for the speedy, I use one.
  7. Cabas Piano tote
  8. ;D
  9. Get the Bucket!!!!!!!!!
  10. bucket, BH/BV, PH!
  11. Batignolles horizontal/ vertical
    popincourt haut
    cabas mezzo/ piano.....
  12. how about the Damier Papillon 30?
    lol. it has a very very nice shape.
    looove it.
    and u can use it too.
  13. Batignolles horizontal
    popincourt haut
    and the new mono lockit line has shoulder bag if im not mistaken ...
  14. Bucket! Then pop haute. I also love the musette!
  15. Get the Batignolles Horizontal!!