Ladies...any extra goodies received upon an LV purchase?

  1. I remember back about 7 yrs ago...I was in charge of buying a couple of bags for my boss (who at the time made 5 mil a year!:wtf: ) at the LV of Beverly Hills. The SA was really stiff at first then got very nice after the purchases and gave me a couple of boxes....I asked what they were and she said...LV chocolates. Honestly, they werent great but....

    Im thinking ladies, did anyone here ever get such treats or gifts from LV with your purchases? The most I got was couple of invitation to new coming collection and some agenda that I think about it...where are my chocolate boxes?!:upsidedown:
  2. I buy at least 2-3 bags per year plus accessories and I get a big fat 0 :rant:
  3. Nothing yet! Hopefully one day I will.
  4. Me too...I get zilch from my SA, not even a thank u card....I am thinking of ditchin him....har.

    I have seen them chocolates in a magazine b4. The chocolates were shaped squarish like a dice with the LV logo printed on each chocolate, right?! Lucky U.
  5. That sounds nice but rather it was all differntly shaped like a heart, square, round...there was white chocolate...just all with the LV on them....but the dice sounds nicer!
  6. I just get thank you notes, extra LV gift tags, extra ribbon etc. Nothing much.
  7. they still serve those chocolates at launch parties once in a while :yes: at one shopping expedition to Sydney, they threw in a City Guide boxset with the rest of my purchases. i thought it was someone else's purchase and took it right back (i even double-checked my receipt). but my SA said it was for me and even apologized for my trouble. it was even wrapped in neon green Bob Wilson paper and orange ribbon.
  8. i could only wish...:girlsigh: the chocolate sounds nice though.
  9. Thank you cards, happy new year card
  10. nothing! i don't mind chocolates though!:P
  11. well it was thank you cards after every single purchase...but my last purchase...nothing! I'll give her one more chance (she's supposed to notify me regarding groom and mini lin). I expect a little something for that amount of money!
  12. I've never gotten a thank you card before.. I actually never knew any stores did that until a Gucci SA ent me one, and I was shocked! lol My last Vuitton purchase, the SA did give me a catalogue from last year though, but only because I inquired on where to get one.
  13. So far the only "extras" I got were mini seasonal catalogs. That's all.:nuts:
  14. Catalogs, seasonal catalogs and I always get a thank you card. My SA is so sweet. :flowers:
  15. The only extra that I have gotten was the big catalog.